Friday, 30 October 2009

Ultimate Frisbees Competition 2009

So today was the Ultimate Frisbees Competition...

A very unlucky day for me...

Perharps many of you don't have any clue about what is Frisbees yet. Frisbees is a game like any ball game, but the ball replaced by a disc. I think it is a game that combine football, basketball and rubby. You need to keep flying the 'ball' towards the goal (nonsense -.-). But you cannot walk more than two steps, it will be considered as 'walking' or 'travelling'. While you score, you must be holding the disc and must stand inside the goal box.

Well, for short, this competition held by Inti College Penang was just for form 3s.However, 2 form3 teams and 1 form 4 team reperesented our school to the competition because we did not know that.One of the form3's players were picked from the champion team of the school,considered as professional and is very strong.The other was just formed up by random and whoever interested in it, you may call it as amateur team.And I was in the amateur team or as it called in hokkien 'zap ceng team'. Although we were not champion team, we were strong too and we trained for a week for the competition.On the contrary, the champion team was not trained so hard.

Yesterday, when we were trainning and played against the champion team, we could win 9-8 in a 30 minutes game. We could say that we were stronger than them in all aspects.

The problem started yesterday right after trainning. Inti College the organizer said we could not go for 3 teams, just 2. The school decided to put 1 form 3 and 1 form 4. That's mean the 2 teams of form 3 need to combine and make the strongest team. The problem we faced were just as same as Real Madrid and Manchester City : too many pros and too many subsitutes. Some of them quit for the reason.

But then late evening I got a call from the school, they said Inti College had permit us to put 3 teams,because one of the schools will be absent.

We got the news too late and had no time to tell all of our fellow teamates.

This morning when we gathered in school to start off to USM field, there were just 14 form3s. Thats mean if we separated for two teams, we would have no subs. For this reason the team leader and all of us started to argue : Remain in 1 team or separate for 2.

We decided to go for 2 teams, becoz we thought that one more team, one more chance. But we were not enough of good pro players for both team. Few said we should focus on a team and make sure the team can reach the champion. Many said we should separated equally and fought equally.Many too agreed with the latter.

We argued over this matter all the way from Butterworth to Penang USM. At last we were forced to put all our good and pro players in a team, leaving another team to die.

The so called champion team pick all our quality and good players from our 'zap ceng team'. Leave us nothing. They even picked our captain. No choice, we must pick those who had not even touch the disc before. Our tranining wasted, strategies backfired, all gone!!!

FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE I REMAINED IN THE TEAM WITH MY RAKAN-RAKAN SEPERJUANGAN ALTHOUGH I HAD A CHANCE TO CHOOSE SIDE. We swear no matter win or lose, we would stayed together and fight to the end. We were Matthew, Wee Rock, Tao Sheng , Ah Boon, Zhao Jong, Jia Yi and Yi Chern.

Hey, till here please give some applause man!! Come on!! XD

Alright alright.Enough Clapss, I know we were awsome, but please let me finish it.

First match we met the Form4s. Was like Pulau Pinang versus Liverpool.6-1!!

Second match we met the champion team. Was like Malaysia versus Man U.3-1!!!

Just then, got players from other school complaint that we got form 4. So they checked and told us we should'nt. They let the form4s to play until semi final. So, this kill our form4s and kill one our chances. They blame me for admitting that they were form4s.zzzzzzzzzzz.The organizers already knew man!!And Harry Potter teaches me that I Must Not Tell Lies!!!!

So our only hope was the champion team, and they won the champion...

On the other side, we, lose had met our waterloo. Lose 3 out of 5 matches. The two teams we won were GIRL teams.hehehe~At least we were not that bad.XD

Anyway, it is over =)

Monday, 26 October 2009


2 - 0

Liverpool rocks!!!
Nice shot for Fernando Torres!!
Liverpool struck back after suffered from 4 defeats. This was really a nice game. Vidic and Bernayon both got red card.
To all Liverpool's loyal fans!Liverpool rocks on!!!
Abi and Chee Wai...I felt really sorry...hahahahaha
You'll Never Walk Alone!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Liverpool VS Manchester United

Oh My God!!!This super match will kick off less than 2 hours later.

Perharps I will be going to watch it at Mamak stall.

Well,undeniably Liverpool will WIN!Chee Wai,Manchester is going to be BOO at Anfield.HAHAHAHA

PMR has ended about two weeks d.Although so, my life after PMR so far was not really free, but very busy.

Right after we passed up the last paper, we were called to meeting. Every teacher thought that we would be very free and should not idle away the time.They just fantically prepare a lot of activities for us : frisbee contest, sandcastle competition, chess competition, RIMUP and so on. I merely stay in class for 5 minutes each day.

And I don't think yesterday's Backwood Competition was an end of my busy exam-free days...This week and the week after will just be as busy as before...

The most exciting event was my adventure to KL to celebrate Yan Yi's birthday.

Ohya, we got the champion of Penang Sandcastle Building competition.

Here is the link :

Will post the pictures and photos of the competition , RIMUP and highlights of KRS Backwood Competition 2009 soon.

Monday, 19 October 2009

18 October 2009

This morning Yan Yi's aunty brought us to OK (Original Kayu). Guess wad?I ordered 'Teh ais panas'.XD muahahaha the waiter nearly write it down,den he lifted up his head n look at me.HAHA!! I know I am super lame and childish,no need you to remind me.

After that we straight away heading to OU. As I have mentioned, only Yan Yi,Wenqi,and Soo Yin know I am coming.So Yan Yi decided to let me be passer-by and walk past them,see whether they recognise me anot.

At first we discussed at the entrance.Den we felt that unsecure so we shifted to Jusco.We stood in front of escalator and discussed.Wenqi said our original plan was too lousy. Suddenly,Liyen,Yiting and Jing Yi appeared and saw me.I just ran when I spotted them,but it was too late,they saw me...

So it became not that fun.Left Jeffrey and Chee Wai to shock.XD

We followed our plan : Yan Yi asked them to meet at GSC,when they arrived he will miss call me and bring them down from the escalator.When I got the signal,I will take the escalator up to GSC.

It turned out Yan Yi only gave me a missed call when they reached the lower landing,so I just walked casually with phon in one hand towards them. I heard Jeffrey shouting words,dunno foul or gud words.And the girl's laughing.I just pretend I didn't hear anything.Chee Wai took his hand out and blocked me.Jeffrey started to murmur his words bla bla bla...

After we bought tickets for 'PandArum',we went for bowling.Wenqi they all went for shopping becoz they forgot to wear socks. At last juz left the 3musketeerz to play,Chee Wai who injured his leg be our cameraman.Thanks Chee Wai for those memorable pictures.

Jeffrey really really good at bowling.XD hahahahaha~he loves the 'longkang' so much. Refer to the score board below.muahaha

But then dunno wad had happened to me, affected by Jeffrey,I started to strike ball into 'longkang'.Bowling,Yan Yi is the best of all. *Take Note:The story behind is becoz it is Yan Yi's bufday,Jeffrey and I fong sui a bit.

After the scary 'PandArum',Wenqi asked us to bring Yan Yi to Pizza Milano as planned. They ordered cakes for him secretly.Jeffrey thought I could cast cakes out of thin air. As Liyen said in her blog,the cakes juz had four candles,Yan Yi was celebrating his 13th bufday.haha.
At the same spot,we started our Extraodinary General Meeting.haha~Jing Yi was the chairman of the meeting.We have discussed many topics and issues and worked out a plan.A really effective plan on how to spend time after PMR.
After we had crapped enuff,we went for bowling and pool again.
At 7.30pm,juz left de~3musketeerz having dinner together.Jeffrey craped very much,Yan Yi and me juz listened and add oil.hehe.
After having dinner at Wong Kok,Jeffrey and Yan Yi accompanied me to choose present for Shea Yee.
Yan Yi and I continued to watch G.I. Joe in his house.When the clock tickles 12 times I am the 1st person to wish Yan Yi happy bufday!!!XD
"When All Else Fail, We Don't."

Y for Yan Yi,M for Matthew,P for Panda aka Jeffrey.XD

Guess whose eyes are these??Panda Jeffrey's!!

From the left Soo Yin, Chee Wai and me. LIVERPOOL ROCKS!!

Chee Wai, Soo Yin and Matthew
We are very good frens actually,although there has some misunderstanding laz year,which proven I m really wrong.
Yan Yi the birthday guy.
Observe the candles.
WenQi and me.
Obviously I have bended my knees to obtain the same height with Wen Qi.

For more pictures and Infomation,pls visit, for Liyen's blog.
Jing Yi
'The Adventure of Matthew Lim - Journey to The South' to be continue... ...

17 October 2009

17 October 2009,wad a special day it was...

First time in my life history,might be even for my family history,my adventure to KL alone was unprecedented. This adventure indicated a new chapter of my whole family,and of coz will shine across the pages...XD

I didn't expect to get the permissionsss from my every family members so fast and easily,a couple of hours of lecture on safety precaution was okay for me.

Even every normal day my dear grandma will repeat and repeat the same phrase to me before I go out for school.

"Do not take or eat anything or any food from strangers, those stuffs might be poisoned."

I aboarded the Transnasional bus at 9.00am.

So, wad is the purpose for me to travel 400km to KL?For the sakes of Yan Yi's Birthday.

Me,being as his sifu, felt the responsibility fell on my shoulder.

When the bus driver drove out from the terminal,I felt so nervous.I couldn't believe that I was going to spend the next four hours alone on bus.I really scared any misfortune would ever happened on me.

After an hour of spying and observing my environment,made sure that I was safe and no one was intended to kidnap me or harm me,I started to listen to my walkman.

The Journey was really boring,I broke my own record of never speak for 4 hours.XD

I text to many ppl,YanYi and Shea Yee (hehe,actually is just two of them...)I can't text to Jeffreyand the rest of the gang becoz they didn't know I m coming.

Ohya,when I was about to fall asleep,Wen Xian called me up...asked me which Rapid bus to take in Penang... I think Rapid has its own personal website...

Here comes the best part of the journey:

I was about to reach,and Yan Yi was ready to set off from his grandma house to fetch me.

He asked me where I was,I said juz passed by genting.He den scolded me:What the Hell,wad to do with genting?!Deng!! (Originally adapted from inbox,no correction has been made.)

Den we started to quarrel.XD

Wad is the consequences of simply scolding ppl?

Is you will need a lot of time and efforts to locate the person.XD hahaha

When Yan Yi reached Puduraya,I was still in the bus,jaming!After haf and hour,I pissed off and walked down from the bus to the terminal.

In Puduraya,Yan Yi,his auntie and me played hide and seek.

"where are you now Matthew?Come Guardian to meet me."

"Guardian ar?where is it ar?"

"Yan YI ar,we juz meet in front of KFC laa..."

"Okok,see you there."

"Yan Yi ar, I am standing infront of KFC now,where are you?"

"Matthew,you wear wad colour t-shirt ar?me front of KFC too... ..."


Around Puduraya has more than one KFC.But we both insisted that we were standing in front of KFC.Both of us were right.

Finally I finally met Yan Yi and followed him bec.He started to feed me more updates and news about fq.XD We went swimming with his brothers.His second brother kept singing sponge bob square pants (I wonder whether is Pn Aminah taught him the song) ... ==

So,wad happened on the next day??Catch up the next episode.Same time,same channel,we meet again.XD

"The Adventure of Matthew Lim - Journey to The South" to be continue... ...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Are you ready??PMR Just ended an hour ago!Are you ready to have fun and burn books??
However,burning books is not a good solution to release tense. COMBUSTION is burning process that used up oxygen and release carbon dioxide.hahaha~carbon dioxide will lead to green house effect and global warming.Hence, as a good citizen of this world, I strongly oppose the burning books activity which will be held by Gay Han The Grey.
As an alternative, I will hold a tear-books-together activity.This will help to improve our perpaduan in order to fulfill 1 Malaysia. The remains of the books will be buried underground, to produce fuel oil for the next generation.
So,who wish to participate this lovely activity, kindly give me your name. Please note that there is no food provided.Thanks.XD
Long time no crap d!!
Is good to crap again!!!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009



PMR is about to start on this Wednesday!


What's my feeling??

40% nervous, 10% worry, 10% fear , 10% panic, 10% happy, 10% nothing and 10% joy.XD

This blog will be officially off for PMR and will reopen on 13 October 2009. Sorry for any inconvenience may cause during this period of time =]

To pay back the loss, here I upload some of my pictures for our dear valued readers.XD
Me.XD Standing at the balcony of my cousin's condo @ Putra Marine. Behind is Pulau Jerejak.

So this is Ryan and me =) Ryan(my cousin's son) is from America.I am considered as his uncle .XD



Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival!!!!

Now here is raining cats and dogs,somemore PMR is near,the mood to play and celebrate the festival faded away.

well,three more days to PMR.Although seniors keep telling that PMR will not be a big big deal,still feel a little bit nervous.yea,of cousrse they will say so,just like everyone of us who went through UPSR,feel that UPSR was just as easy as ABC.

Three more days!!!!!
We have three more days!!!!!

Perharps I will consider to take some study leave,not to study,but to clear my mind!!!
Wish YanYi, Jeffrey, Soo Yin, Abi, Xian, JJ, Wei Yang, Zhan Hong, Liyen, WenQi, Yiting, CheeWai and Gay Han-Shea Yee, Hui Wen and gang, Wen Xian, Zhe Wei, Soo Hou, Joshua, Jing Xue, Chun Yong, Zhen Jie, Kai Cheat,Sui JIng, Jit Ming, Sim Jui,Yu Xuan,Shu Fen,Ee Theng,Tze Xuan,Apple,Turtle,Black Dog,Wen Foo,Gim Lung,Leong Bros,Wee Rock,Teik Yong and Wei Hern-Wei Xin,Wen Shion,Pei Yun and all Form3s: