Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lonely for two days.

Matthew and Jeff ar.Faster come back la. I damn bored here leh. T.T . I oso dunno whether u all

can come back safely onot. XD. Anyway, when u all are in Seremban finding the meaning of

death, i found out 2 great secrets. Damn fun man.

1st. Someone who i respect quite a lot confess to a girl. I know both of them too. So happy. Not

bad ar, mister who i respect. Wish u good luck.

The 2nd secret i'm not goin to tell you all, due to not making them angry. XD

Today i argue with XXX. I dunno i should be happy or scared. Lol. Think positively, i'm under so

many pengawas's protection. Lol. So no fear, pengawas is here.

Before ending this post, who wants to see ZhanHong shuffle ? Me and Wei Yang saw it, damn

funny. I wish i have a video recorder that time. Anyway, the day without the other 2 musketeets

quite ok la. Anyway, left 1 more day onli. I tahan abit la. Maybe i can find out more secrets. I

learn jeffrey. Trust me. XD

Yanyi-the lonely one.