Tuesday, 15 September 2009


The title of the 14th video make me strongly remind of a person...

Life still goes on, my heart will go on too...

Anyway,girls,please dun stupid enough to trust a person with a lollipop in his hand...or a person with a pack of tissue papers (yess Jeffrey, I am referring to you.) XD

For boys, Jeffrey should be the most trusted friend. I feel so.You want to share,he is there;you want to listen,he is there;you want to bully,he is there;and you want to cry,he has lots of tissues.XD

A haunting portrayal of a pedophile preparing to hunt, interspersed with metaphors on the state of Malaysian politics.

Lame Joke 24

A lawyer named Strange died, and his friend asked the tombstone maker to inscribe on his tombstone,

"Here lies Strange, an honest man, and a lawyer."

The inscriber insisted that such an inscription would be confusing, for passersby would tend to think that three men were buried under the stone.

However he suggested an alternative: He would inscribe, "Here lies a man who was both honest and a lawyer. That way, whenever anyone walked by the tombstone and read it, they would be certain to remark: "That's Strange!"