Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Today, because there is a 0.01 degree celcius rise in my body temperature, I decided not to go to school. I think the polluted air and rambunctious noise will make my sickness worsen.XD

So what did I do at home? haiyo~sick already,sure is rest lah~

Don't mistaken me, I'm not taking study leave okay. I really have a fever, and the definition of fever is a rise in body temperature, that's flat.

I must rest. Though, after one hour I woke up I felt restless. -____-

As the wind blew and blew before the heavy noon rain, it blew open my chemistry book. Since it was being opened, I sat down and read.

About noon time I followed my dad to Sunway Carnival for shopping, I went to buy books while he wanted to get his Cyma watch repaired.

Later on, we went to Tesco to buy some groceries. My dad bought me a cup of peanut milk. It was fantastic, I listed it as one of my favourite drinks. =) It is a kind of milk, with peanuts blended in it.Taste sweet and you can still chew the peanuts particles. NICE~ You are full after drinking one, highly recommended to those who are on diet.

P.S. Someone asked I still got mood to go shopping ar.
Sure, of cause. haha~ although I'm SICK!