Saturday, 26 March 2011


I know it's too late to say this, but the fact is I'm back from China Fu Jian He Shan High School. XD

Wow~Jeffrey, I guess is you who impersonated me and posted that post which is full of nolstagia.

WELCOME BACK!You blogged again, yeah, after 3 years, you crapped something again!

However, stop emo-ing Jeffrey, and please don't post behalf on me again, my friends did confuse.XD

Yeah~the time we were together really full of fun and surprises. Yan Yi and I love to make laugh of you and do funny tricks on you. I remembered tailing you behind during recess was our routine mission. hahaha~ We just like to do so.

Like you said, you punished me to pump 20 times during the Shinobi National Competition. Haiya, you were the chairman of the club ma, a 14-year-old young baby chairman. What I wanted to tell you is, I never care about that before. We left Yan Yi alone in school for 3 days. He must be really lonely.haha.

Yes, I remembered too that occasion we nearly started a fight.haha. I think Yan Yi and I irritated you as usual, maybe that time you really experience some hard time, you just bang me on the notice board behind the classroom with YOUR PREFECT BADGE pinned on your shirt. It was hard. I wanted to swing my fist back but my consciousness stopped me from that.


Sometimes I also think during the middle of the chilling night, when everyone is in slumberland and I am the only soul awaken, HOW DO OUR FRIENDSHIP SUSTAIN??after so many quarrels, so many fights and so many tricks been done? Even I had left you 2 and the girls gang for 3 years, the bond is still there.


No one can see it, but I feel it, we experience it, through every moments we meet, across many miles.

My dear friend, life goes on, this is what you told me when I left 3 years ago.

Life goes on.

I hope that you put down your burden, pick up your courage and, go on.

I knew what you've been going through this few years. Those hard times, as we shared before, I experienced it too last years. The battle and the evil part of mankind.Let us work hard together, encourage one another, and finish the race. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.


Far Beyond but close in heart,