Friday, 26 September 2008


Wah!!Happy holidays again!!

Selamat~ zit zit zit ~Hari Raya~ zit zit zit!! Jeffrey n Yan Yi sang to all the teachers who cm in our class.

2day ar...not bad lo...coz got 1 week holidays ma. Perharps is quite happy la. Duno~hope can concentrate on doing projeks n dun think about school days.Although still got 5 weeks time we could see each other in dis year, or a life time.

Pn Lee left oredi. Hope she all the best in Bukit Bintang. And Pn Lee,that day u pointed the table at our class corridor n asked 'what is that?' wif ur usual high tone. Now I answer you, it is a table or u can call it a desk.XD

ya,must appreciate ppl around. When they leave u only regret is too too late~~

Hope we have enough time to gather and fooling around.

Matthew~The Unlimited