Friday, 24 July 2009


Yesterday,those prefects of my skul rushed in and held a spot check for socks.For your infomation i sit at the first column, a form 3 just-become-officially-prefect straight away walked towards me.It took me a couple of minutes to realize that she was standing beside me and was jolting down my name. After then,she requested me to sign it.with an excitement of got people asked for my signature,I SIGNED IT like i m a big football star.When I looked satisfactorily upon my perfect signature,I felt something wrong.When i was awaken from my hallucination of fame,she uttered thankyou with a cunning tone n walked away.My 3 points gone.

Okay~mind you,my socks are definitely not ankle socks,and i would kindly to inform u that my socks are the highest in my class( not in skul,got people wear football socks to skul XD)normally,but that time mine became the lowest,becoz they quickly pulled their socks up.

I consulted to my others prefect frens,they were shocked that i was kena.They told me that she is known of her strictness,how good if she became our police nex time.

Well,naturally,all of my prefect frens knew that i was deducted 3 points.but today i received a gud news from one of them,they indeed saw my name on the list,but someone had terminated it.XD

what that means?That means my 3 points coming bk.XD

wonder which prefect was helping me.Maybe the prefect like me too much.wakakakakaaka~too perasan d ya?