Sunday, 23 November 2008


haiyo~not me dunwan to post la.For ur info,i m nerding dis holidays,my mum sees my result so bad(compare to students in CLB,1st class there all 80 above for purata),my mum wan me study all the hardly got time to on9,n blog.

but juz now when i wan to grab some fresh air,yan yi come n chat.i thought is 'chat' at 1st,den eventually change to 'argue'.he says he wan to delete dis blog,he says even house-fly oso never visit.haiyo~yan yi ar,how can a house-fly noes how to enter a website?dats y no house-fly here la.

so we argue argue n argue.he says i juz care about lolipofrostjoker,dun care about 3 musketeerz.haiz~u wan to think so i oso cant stop u.ehhhh~here i ask everyone,who wan dis blog to be close??n thanks for ur supports n pls keep visiting~thank you very much.kay,i will stay here til after Christmas...dats all


Matthew~Unlimited~yo!I got post!!!!