Monday, 31 January 2011

Back to Birthday 2011

Yeah~finally get my pictures transferred to computer. So I can now convert the unforgettable memory of my birthday into words in this blog post.=)

Aha, first of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Angie Loh, who accompanied and counted down with me from 10pm the previous day to my birthday, and also the same until my birthday ended.Sounds touching right?She actually did count with me, we crapped a lot during the nights.She was the first one that warmed my heart during the chilling night.

At 12am 27/01/2011, my phone in silent mode kept buzzing, indicating that birthday wishes were received. Thanks to those who purposely waited until the time, or accidentally woke up in the middle of the night ( sorry for disturbing your dreams). Sumei phoned me up, and guess what!She sang birthday song to me in English and Bahasa. HAHA.

In the morning at school. Hui Wen came to wish me happy Birthday with a fake sunflower and a big poster!!She must have sacriface her sleep to complete that awesome masterpiece. THANK YOU VERY MUCH COUSIN!Sumei gave me a thing with a heart on it, (she called it rose), she requested me to wear it for 24hours so I tried my best to fulfill it, just took it off during assembly. Itik gave me a small piece of eraser which I don't know she picked up at where. She put it in mentos plastic. I bet it's Yan Fen's idea. -_______-

Many Unexpected things happened that day, couldn't convert them literally due to time shortage and poor language.

After school, my buddy, Jingxue held a birthday celebration for me with the help of Joshua, Chen Xin, Zhen Jie, Soo Hou, Lynn, Jamine, Seok Hui, Hui Wen and Sumei. We set up a fire to BBQ at Koperasi Lama. THANK YOU GUYS FOR WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK OF BURNING UP THE SCHOOL TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY!

At Night, I went out for dinner with family and my dearest grandma.XD

P.S, I wonder what happened with the photo uploader, I can't upload the photos. I will try to fix it ASAP.Thanks.