Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Matthew's farewell

Yesterday was matthew's farewell in 1u. He went to bu4 before he goes to 1u, so he is late ! Actually we want to fool him de, but since he is gonna come late, we go play bowling. Lol. So when he arrived, no one have the mood to play the treasure hunt game with him. Haha. All focus on bowling. Jeff was so pissed once he heard his position in class. =D We watched The Coffin. The show keep on gives u unexpected suprise. Its like suddenly Boom !!! Boom again. XD After the show, jeff's mood got better. Then we went to play snooker. And some of the girls went to arcade. This is the first time Matthew, Jeffrey and Soo Yeng play snooker. Jeff got the way of playin it after the first round. Hahaha. We got our first round free ! Then after that, we hop to eat lunch or more to tea time. Jeff accidentally ate Yin yin and Li yen's food. Hahahaha. So 'once eaten consider sold', Jeff is gonna pay for the food. After that, me and jeff went to Guitar Collection and buy 3 metal picks for each of us. We wanted to give matt as soon as possible because we are going home soon. But others walk super slow slow slow. Before he found us, i went back edi. Haha.

Matthew, Remember to keep the pick properly, who lost it have to belanja makan. Says jeffrey.

Btw, i dun have any pictures for today. Haha. Phone camera too lousy d. Who want sponsor me buy new phone. Hahaha. Half of my holiday income is gone to the thin air. T.T

Waiting for the postman, Yanyi.