Monday, 18 October 2010


Today I was heading to E gate,the gate near school canteen after school dismissed as usual.A little bit of rush because I had KLP tuition later on 2.30pm. I saw a long que from the gate, the door was closing,everyone was waiting beside the gate, some went to sit on canteen bench. Soon, the que evolved into a crowd, then a large crowd of people who use the gate everyday.

As this kind of thing happened before, probably the Jaga forgot to unlocked it, everyone was just chit chatting and while waiting for someone to open it.

Hui Wen saw me and moved to my side. She started to grumble about the gate "why is it closing?Why is no one going to find the key?" She was just like a bee, buzzing non-stop at my ears.

Finally, she suggested me to go to find the key :"Matthew, can you please go find the key?It is like no one is getting it."

I just refused to be so busy body, thinking that someone may went for it dy.

Later on, Hui Wen ordered me :" Matthew!You are a guy!Come on!Go find the key now!!"

She pulled me up from the bench and pushed me out from the canteen. -____-

So I went to find Mr.Ho, PK Hem of the school. Legend says that he has the key. Unfortunately, he was not in. So I asked Pn Chia instead. She asked me to walked over to another office and ask the clerk to phone the jaga. I did what as she told. The clerk made a call and said the guard was out for lunch. =( I went back to see Pn Chia again and told her Mr Ho has the key. She walked into his room and searched for the key. She got it, but lazy to walk to the gate. Hence, she asked a clerk to do the job.

When I followed the clerk stepped out from the office, guess what I saw??

The crowd was gone. The door was opened.

That time I was like wanting to pull my ears, bang my head and cry.

Later I heard my aunty said she saw a guy with white shirt and pants (Form6) opened it, but saw no key in his hand.


The door wasn't lock!!It was just closing.

WHAT THE HEAVEN!!(it is supposed to be what the hell, but as a Christian, ought to be like this XD)

Because of the girl who stood there doing nothing, everyone thought it was locked!! How silly were us!

THINK!We can learn a lesson from this ... ...

TRY THIS!Lift your head and gaze at the top of a building for 15 minutes on a busy street.When you look around after that, you will see many people stand there and look up too.