Monday, 27 December 2010

Last Monday of 2010

Fuyoh, last monday of 2010, this title like very k yeng.haha.

Today went to school reluctantly to clean up the aftermath situation we left after camp. When I dragged my heavy body towards our KRS storeroom, I saw just a few came. My body became heavier.

Then Chun Yung told me a great news, they will only start the work afternoon with the help of Form2 members. YEAH!My heart leaped!I have KLP tuition 2.15pm on Monday!HAHAHAHA.

So I spent the whole morning at school revising Form5 chapter 1, KLP told us that today would be a test. He was dead serious when he told us, so I better don't take the risk of hoping he would forget.

Tuition started. He said he would leave the last 20 minutes for the test but eventually he couldn't make it T.T

I straight away to go Hair Decor to get a hair cut after that, since tomorrow Penang will be no water supply,I can't wash my hair after hair cut. Perharps many had the same thought as mine, Hair Decor was crowded with people. I must wait for 30 minutes for my turn.

After awhile, Itik and Angie went in. Walao A, they even get a hair cut together. Angie couldn't recognise me, how sad. =(

blah~so I am now preparing my heart to welcome the last tuesday of 2010 to arrive.XP