Sunday, 20 March 2011

"Our finger prints don't fade from the lives we touch."

Hi guys, its like freaking long since I've blogged, I am matt. XD Sry I stopped blogging for so long ( 3 years? i think?), so sry. Ermm, since all the post below are in chinese, I'l sapu the english part k matt? XP

Alright I'l cut the crap and start blogging bout whatever that comes through my mind, cause I finally noticed that its a lot better than facebook where ppl post some random stuff like : I LOVE **********, and everyone goes crazy about it, but in the end he/she will just say, "Nahhh, its I was just joking." =.=''.

OKOK I KNOW IM CRAPPING A LOT. (Forgive my cacat-ness in blogging, rusty edi XD) So....I was watching this movie yesterday "Remember Me" by the really hot guy in twilight (nv ever registered his name in my brain, and no im not gay-.-) and yeahh he said this really chunted thing that I would like to share.


Yes matthew, I still remember that you and yan yi took my bag and put it right infront of the class while I wasn't in class and you scared the hell outa me when I came back. GOOD JOKE =_=
But, I also remembered the days where we would have fun and stuff, even the days when I bash you up and made you pump in shinobi. hehe.. =P

Ok back to the topic, erm its a really interesting show, its sorta like a romance movie but, it also has those kinda family and life stuff in it, so when you're really bored and start to wonder what to do, WATCH IT.

* Is there anyway to makeup to a broken promise? just asking. LOL