Monday, 2 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows

 Thumbs up!XD I watched this with friends right after we went Pantai Kerachut, with our smelly bodies full of the smell of salt from the sea and the salt we excreted. This is one of the nice movies I watched in 2011. It is like mission impossible in 20th century, although it talks about how a detective solves a case but it is more to accomplishing a mission impossible to me. In fact, there are many similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Mission Impossible 4 - Their enemies are trying to bomb the world, they travel from place to place too.

The movie is pretty exciting, from the beginning to the end, full of suspense and it takes away your breath. I love to watch movies which require you to think, not just a show feast for your eyes. This is it. You need to think fast if you want to catch up with the story line. Someone said it is boring but I totally disagree. I am ready to watch it a second time!

Holmes is a genius, no doubt about that, and every genius seems to have some mental defectiveness, they tend to act in a strange way, perharps that's why they are genius.Haha. The way Sherlock speaks, the way he behaves and the way he thinks.

Let me ask a question again, why are all the main characters so rich?

One thing that I admire him is his steadiness and calm when facing heart-breaking events. When he knows his lover is killed, he remains calm and he does not show any weak sign to his enemy. Ya, his face changed, but his thoughts are still sharp and clear. I learn that sometimes we must really put away our personal emotions for the greater good.=)

Dr. Watson, you will never suggest he is a doctor looking at this poster. Oh yea. Nowadays Hollywood has changed the stereotype image of the doctors huh.He is a doctor with exceptionally good fighting skills.XD A doctor need not be quiet and mature, its proven by Dr. Watson. He can fool around and have the courage to adventure too. If I am to become a doctor, I want to be one like him! Yeah.