Friday, 3 December 2010

Return to PJ

Yo~finally I reached One Utama at 1.30pm on Tuesday. Yan Yi sent Jeffrey the babysitter to fetch me to his home first. I hang around at Jeffrey's house and he taught me how to play am not interested lah seriously.

At night, I was escoted to Yan Yi's big new house for reunion party. We cycled to One Utama to buy KFC. Yi Ting saw us on the sidewalk but she just roaming away with her new E-class I think.haha. Yan Yi ordered 8 pizzas, we used 3 days to finish it -_-

Yan Yi and I went cycling while Jeffrey chasing us behind.haha~At the park, we taught Jeffrey how to cycle again. Jeffrey is a good learner I must admit.haha~

I found that Yan Yi kept bullying Jeffrey. So I joined.HAHAHAHA.Don't cry Lee Wen Xian, I know you like Jeffrey Lee Wen Xiang very much. He is so interested in you cause both of your names are close to each other.How about your hearts? ( Luckily Jeffrey won't read this post) er~Long distance love does work actually~gambate!!Jeffrey is a very nice guy, and superb humourous as you've said. You will like chatting with him, the way he speaks, the way he winks,mesmerizing,charming.hahaha~

yay~photo at Yan Yi's big living room.
The next day we went outing to our usual place : One Utama.
We spent a lot of time on sitting round to chit chat yam cha. Long time never joke and talk with them for 2 years. They have grown up, as myself did. But the friendship bond is still there.
This time we played bowling again since we had 2 hours to the movie time. I lose again. haiz~
We snapped photos frantically at U-Bowl. People just can't help to notice our silly actions and pose. Don't care lah~

The 3musketeerz 2010.XD
Lame yah~
Its hard to imagine a virtual plane flying up there.
At U-Bowl One Utama
Nice pose weih.But Jeffrey spoiled it,that's why he got hit on the next photo.

Liyen kept finding a way to hide her shortness.

At Wong Kok.XD

I spent most of time with Yan Yi and Jeffrey this four days. Jeffrey accompanied me to Ikano Curve and Ikea on Thursday since Yan Yi and the rest had work. Wandering in the malls I once set foot frequently, memory flushed in but I shut them up.XD

This holiday trip, I watched 3 movies.

The next three days, Harry Potter 7 again and Rapunzel. :)

I love Rapunzel. This cartoon is damn nice and you'll laugh til stomach ache. Perharps next year we can watch it on =)

Here I take the opportunity to thank Yan Yi and family, for treating so well and comfortable during the days I were there. Thanks a lot for the dinner too.XD

Of cause I won't forget our little adorable Jeffrey ah boy~He is the one who babysitted me.From fetching me til say good bye. Continue to be bullied Yan Yi ba, one more year only.

Last but not least,my all friends in PJ. Thanks for willing to sacrifice your part time job to go out with me!XD I miss you all.