Friday, 28 November 2008

congratz. congratz.

MR Kirk Hammett.

Oh no, Dont have Kirk Nizam leh. Jeff, i dunno whr i keep it. T.T

Sorry cikgu. XD

Yo~ yo. Lol. AS you all know, Jeffrey LEe. *coughs* took

his guitar exam last month. XD. After all the Alka Setzer, DnA, All Funked

Up, And so on so on. Today he finally got his results. XD Must thank me ar, i give u

cikgu's email. Im so good friend.

Once again, congratz hia di. XD

F-250 rocks, Woohoo.


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lame jOke 13

A little girl asks her father, "where do little girls come from?"
The father says, "they come from a hard-on."
The little girl then asks her father, "where does a hard-on come from?"
The father says, "little girls!"

wakaka~hahaha~long time no laugh le~hahaha

Matthew~Always Unlimitted


Metallica is an American heavy metal band that formed in 1981 in Los Angeles. Founded when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, Metallica's line-up has primarily consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, while going through a number of bassists. Currently, the spot is held by Robert Trujillo.

Metallica's early releases included fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship that placed them as one of the "big four" of the thrash metal subgenre alongside Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. The band earned a growing fan base in the underground music community and critical acclaim, with the 1986 release Master of Puppets described as one of the most influential and "heavy" thrash metal albums. The band achieved substantial commercial success with its self-titled 1991 album, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. With this release the band expanded its musical direction resulting in an album that appealed to a more mainstream audience.

In 2000, Metallica was among several artists who filed a lawsuit against Napster for sharing the band's copyright-protected material for free without the band members' consent.[1] A settlement was reached, and Napster became a pay-to-use service. Despite reaching number one on the Billboard 200, the release of St. Anger alienated many fans with the exclusion of guitar solos and the "steel-sounding" snare drum. A film titled Some Kind of Monster documented the recording process of St. Anger.

Metallica has released nine studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, twenty-two music videos, and forty-three singles. The band has won seven Grammy Awards, and has had five consecutive albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200, making Metallica the only band ever to do so.[2] The band's 1991 album, Metallica, has sold over 15 million copies in the United States, and 22 million copies worldwide, which makes it the 25th-highest-selling album in the country.[3] The band has sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide as of the release of their latest album Death Magnetic. As of September 2008, Metallica is the fifth-highest-selling music artist since the SoundScan era began tracking sales on May 25, 1991, selling a total of 50,111,000 albums in the United States alone.[4]

Lead Guitarist- Kirk Hammett

Kirk Lee Hammett (born November 18, 1962) is the lead guitarist and a songwriter in the band Metallica and has been a member of the band since 1983. Before joining Metallica he formed and named the band Exodus. In 2003 Hammett was ranked 11th in Rolling Stone's list - The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.[1]

He is related to me and jeff !! XD

Thats all and bye bye. =]

Here's my favourite top 3 metallica songz!!! (I'm Jeffrey BTw -.-)
2. Enter Sandman ( KIRK ROXX AGAIN!!)
3. Master Of Puppets ( James done a great job singing this song!! )

Oh ya....if you say your a rocker without even knowing METALLICA, ok... im speechless...... XD

Yanyi.& Jeffrey =B

Sunday, 23 November 2008


haiyo~not me dunwan to post la.For ur info,i m nerding dis holidays,my mum sees my result so bad(compare to students in CLB,1st class there all 80 above for purata),my mum wan me study all the hardly got time to on9,n blog.

but juz now when i wan to grab some fresh air,yan yi come n chat.i thought is 'chat' at 1st,den eventually change to 'argue'.he says he wan to delete dis blog,he says even house-fly oso never visit.haiyo~yan yi ar,how can a house-fly noes how to enter a website?dats y no house-fly here la.

so we argue argue n argue.he says i juz care about lolipofrostjoker,dun care about 3 musketeerz.haiz~u wan to think so i oso cant stop u.ehhhh~here i ask everyone,who wan dis blog to be close??n thanks for ur supports n pls keep visiting~thank you very much.kay,i will stay here til after Christmas...dats all


Matthew~Unlimited~yo!I got post!!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Today is wednesday. Its like all my holiday life is same in everyday. ESP= Eat, Sleep, Play. XD damn bored. Everyone ask me to come and update. Hahaha. I cant wait to go De Zhen's house. Super fun. Once i think of the basketball court, Swimming Pool, Theatre and the Snooker Table (most important). I wanna learn drum from him. hahaha. I hope this time really can go to his hse. T.T Because everytime we want to go, something sure stop the whole gang. Damn sad leh. Hahaha. Im gonna go thr from morning till night. Have fun all day. Woohooo.

Save me from boredom, Yanyi.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Matthew's farewell

Yesterday was matthew's farewell in 1u. He went to bu4 before he goes to 1u, so he is late ! Actually we want to fool him de, but since he is gonna come late, we go play bowling. Lol. So when he arrived, no one have the mood to play the treasure hunt game with him. Haha. All focus on bowling. Jeff was so pissed once he heard his position in class. =D We watched The Coffin. The show keep on gives u unexpected suprise. Its like suddenly Boom !!! Boom again. XD After the show, jeff's mood got better. Then we went to play snooker. And some of the girls went to arcade. This is the first time Matthew, Jeffrey and Soo Yeng play snooker. Jeff got the way of playin it after the first round. Hahaha. We got our first round free ! Then after that, we hop to eat lunch or more to tea time. Jeff accidentally ate Yin yin and Li yen's food. Hahahaha. So 'once eaten consider sold', Jeff is gonna pay for the food. After that, me and jeff went to Guitar Collection and buy 3 metal picks for each of us. We wanted to give matt as soon as possible because we are going home soon. But others walk super slow slow slow. Before he found us, i went back edi. Haha.

Matthew, Remember to keep the pick properly, who lost it have to belanja makan. Says jeffrey.

Btw, i dun have any pictures for today. Haha. Phone camera too lousy d. Who want sponsor me buy new phone. Hahaha. Half of my holiday income is gone to the thin air. T.T

Waiting for the postman, Yanyi.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


today is Saturday~


wahh~holiday started...very boring at home~wish to get out of house~hey,Jeffrey,dun emo kay?u wont drop class wan~recently din hear from was ur guitar exam?

hey,Yan Yi n Jeffrey,since holiday started,post a bit more laa~haha~wakaka

Matthew~The Unlimited

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Bear Grylls

Mr Bear. XD

Personal life
Born and raised in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.[5] He is the son of the late Conservative party politician Sir Michael Grylls and Sally Grylls, the former Sarah Ford.[6] His maternal grandmother was Patricia Ford,[7] an Ulster Unionist Party MP. He has one sibling, an elder sister, Lara.

Grylls was educated at Ludgrove School, Eton College, and Birkbeck, University of London,[8] where he graduated with a degree, obtained part-time, in Hispanic studies in 2002. He is also a second dan black belt in Shotokan karate. He can speak English, Spanish, and French.[9] Grylls has a strong Christian faith, and described his faith in an interview with Channel 4 as being the 'backbone' in his life.[9]

Grylls has been married since 2000, and he and his wife Shara Grylls (née Cannings Knight)[3][7] have two sons, Jesse and Marmaduke.[10]

Man Vs Wild was so damn nice. But Mission Everest was nicer. XD


Die of Boredom.

Today is wednesday. tml have to go to school and sell stuffs for koperasi. Dun feel

like goin thr, but since every koperasi member is goin thr. I had no choice ! lol.

Tml Jeff's gonna take his grade 5 guitar exam . I feel so chuan-ted. T.T Alka Setzer

rocks ! Next monday is matthew's farewell. Bye bye MAtthew. xP.

Last friday i watched Quantom of Solace. Its not as good as Casino Royale. They dont

use high tech gadgets. wtf. And they use Aston Martin but not Ferrari. hahaha. cut

cost mah, financial crisis leh. Someone lend me Casino Royale dvd pls. I wanna watch



Monday, 10 November 2008

Today is Monday

Yo,Today is Monday~
So,tomorrow is Tuesday~
And,the day after tomorrow is Wednesday~

erm~today so far nothing special happen~the only thing is juz Yan Yi brought his brother's little,colourful,cute,handsome guitar to school.And Jeffrey was preparing for his guitar grade five exam.

Opps~actually got big deal happen!!teachers distributed exam papers!we got Chinese,KH,English,BM,Math,Moral,Sejarah.I got 2Bs.

The worst subject obviously is Moral.I juz got 69% only.The rest I think are Okay...

yea!!!Holidays coming.But I will feel a bit boring for dis holiday.Duno why.maybe cant joke wif Yan Yi n meet my dear frens.after I reach Penang,I think I wont feel so bored,coz sure got a lot of events.

Thursday I will go to school I think,if a lot of ppl going.erm,den I wish Jeffrey gud luck n all the best in his guitar exam.tralalala~lalalala



Friday, 7 November 2008

In Memoriam

Try to recall those days~u noe,especially the 1st day I arrived in dis skul(althu is a wrong move for some reasons,but not bad can noe Jeff n Yan Yi).welcome anyone to share ur very 1st impression to me.send to anyone of us n we will post up here if u like.thank you.I noe Yin very hate me at 1st,I think Yan Yi oso dulan me before~n Wei Yang dun even realise I was there =.=

Ah~the 1st day~~it was like happen thousand yrs ago~dat time i feel damn nervous when enter dis skul~I was like:what?students sit on the ground?the 1st person I in touched was Pik San.she is the pengawas for 2Matahari.den I sat down beside Kadri.I think we got shake hands.den we started to chat.

After perhimpunan,we went in the class.Remember I helped kadri shift tables from other classes.den,duno how n why!I sat beside Keng Han!!I haven found out how serious was dat time~but noe...URGH!how lucky was I.

Many teachers absent dat day,so we juz chat n chat n chat.ohya~1st day I was there,Jeff ask me to join Shinobi~According to the pengerusi,he will give me full attendence if I joined.emmmmm~dis offer not bad,so I joined the club dat train u become a professional untensil for others to whack.

Well,I think dats my 1st day in dis skul~my last day wil either be on Monday or Thursday~dats another story~
~Remember to share out~

The one neither Jeffrey nor Yan Yi~yu-hoooooooooooo

Last day coming


2day we went to eco park.Wei Yang,Shaun Low,Zhan hong n me~

our 1st station is go to eat IKEA very special n delicious sausage,Wei Yang feel dat is the best food in Malaysia~remember after the 1st time we introduce to him,he become IKEA sausage regular customer.haha~n he become smarter n smarter,now,he wil bring along a small bottle to fill in the beverage.wahh~damn pro leh Wei Yang.Shaun n I was joking y dont connect a pipe from his house to the beverage machine(or watever u called).wakaka~

den we played basketball~Shaun injured my finger,nvm,a gud way to make me remember him.den I rest for a while.He den shoot the ball.the ball missed n hit the hoop n duno why muz fly to me.Dat time I was watching the AND1 show,when I turn back,the ball hit me square on my face~thanks to my specs,it saved my nose twice.This made me NEVER forget Shaun forever.haha~xD

den we went back for trainning.Wei Yang n I strolling over the skul for fun.We chat a lot,n very enjoy the silence of the environment.

Matthew~you'll never walk alone~just I m leaving alone.

Oh Yeah !

Finally exam is over. woohoo. finally can post something. finally can understand

what is freedom. finally can jam everyday. finally !!!!!!!!! Today right after exam

i went to 1u. So fun, went to neway and spoilt the place. Spent 20 bucks thr. it was

quite worth it. 20 bucks include food, drinks, 5 hours of entertainment. They are

quite dumb. For 3 person onli then they give such a big room. Its like enough for 4

person to lie down and sleep. XD after neway, then go straight to TGV and watch

Quantom Of Solace-007. Daniel Craig. XD But i prefer casino royale. But Quantom of

Solace still involve some high tech stuff. Especially the fone. freaking nice. urgh.

imagine i own the fone.

Btw, my two frens from other school are acting real weird. One go highlight his hair

and wear until so gay today. I keep on call him dai gor. When zi xiu see him in 1u,

he ask me whether izzit Ah Long's fren. Hahaha. The other fren go pierce his ears. i

wan bang wall !!! Stupid, today so sui. Online kena siasat by sohai. i manage to

scold back the person. hell yeah !

Good Luck alka-setzer-ing jeffrey ! XP


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Exam Ends!

Exam finally finish unofficially today.tomorrow exam will be end officially.Thank you very much~

Haiz~i am not satisfy for this exam.I think I did not do well enough.The result may be very bad.But,I hope still can get 80 above for average.

Tomorrow Seni,dunno wan to draw wat...

Left two days in last two days in this school~

Dunno what to do...hope the time stop going...although I know it never would...recall those days...thank you Jeffrey and Yan Yi...and of course Wei Yang and Soo Yeng...very yi yi bu she...

huh...maybe too emo le?
I said I will never post emo things right?
haha~dis whole exam period Jeffrey keep emoing~

I appreciate you all~

Matthew the boy~you'll never walk alone,just I leave alone~