Saturday, 11 July 2009

Happy Birthday to The 3Musketeerz!!!!

yay!Happy Birthday to the 3Musketeerz!A year ago,we started this blog.If not mistaken...I was the one who blog the 1st post.XD Then Jeffrey and Yanyi scolded me because they said those posts were very emo-ish. That time Keng Han already noe n visited this blog.Of coz that time he hadnt start to spam.Later on,he transformed to different kind of Names.Continue to spam.but no one want to bother him.His plan to seek attention totally backfired.Musketeerz are very kind and helpful.We dunwan his heart to be broken.So I juz argue with him like you wat u saw at the cbox beside.Den,recently he transform to Alien.And we musketeerz juz be kind to humans,not aliens.So...we chase him out of Musketeerz 8stars residence.

Hold on!wat for we talked so much abt him on our 1st birthday?Stop saying him.Our life for the past one year is recorded and remembered in this blog.We created this blog,the objective of coz is to tell our interesting,fanstatic and lAmE stories to all our readers and supporters.Here I take the opportunity to thank those hu support our blog,we may not here name.Next time please leave some comments and indulge yourself in the cbox.We welcome you to interact wif us.But for the case for Alien( Keng Han again!),we dun wan you to return.Also never forget to think Soo Yeng.XD she was n is n will be the one hu urge us to update our post,motivate us to post,and of coz the biggest supporter of ours.XD thank you.Soo Yeng oso was the 1001 visitors of our blog laz time.I rmb got someone hu was the 1000,pls claim ur prize from Jeffrey.muahahaha.

Jeffrey and Yanyi,seems like u two never blog for duno how many thousand years d.Post la~today is our birthday leh.Yesterday Malam Bakat,sure got something to post wan.XD and how many people you have tricked ytd?Jeffrey ar,ur head still got the white feather anot?hahahaha

kay,here we announced the biodata of this blog.

D.O.B :11/7/2008
Bloggers :The 3musketeerz
Creator :JeffreyXD
1st post by :Me!!
Blog Achievements :137 posts (til ytd) 104 for 2008 and 33 for 2009.
Visits : 788 (til ytd)
Highest visits per day:30
What make us proud:
many says our blog is lame n breath-taking (laugh til cannot breathe).However,nothing can make us happier than our blog has attracted extraterrestrial life,another word ALIENS!!Sadly,due to communication problem,we duno where IT came from.IT juz keep mumbling some weird symbols.But I think the symbols in Transformers are much cooler.XD

Source:the 3musketeerz information centre.


We have being lame for one year!!And we will continue to be lame!

Musketeerz lame.