Friday, 19 February 2010

Chu Wu BBQ party

This is the most memorable day for this CNY. We went to Sunway Carnival first for a new year movie ' All Wells End Well'. GSC was crowded, luckily we got 15 tickets booked online.

After finish laughing in the cinema, we wanted to go for karaoke. We reached there later than the time we booked, so they wanted to charge us RM35 per person which is RM13 extra. So we pissed off and go back to my place earlier.

We took 1 hour and 30 mintues to reach my condominium by Rapid. 17 of us quickly prepare to start. 17 big guys crammed my little corner lot.-__________-

They brought those utensils down to the BBQ area, and started to defrost frozen food we bought earlier. Boys were working hard on fire.

At last got 25 attended, they preferred walking around the pool side and splashing water than eat. So we have many food left after that. Some of them stepped in the shallow part of pool, girls were happy playing with slides =.=, two were fell into the pool and got wet. His new Sony Ino gone.

At 10.00pm we were cleaning the site and wanted to start our games. However, a dark stain was on the ground after we remove the stove away. Between clean and RM200 fine, we chose to clean. We tried hard to remove the stain but it didn't work. At last we gave up. The time was 11.00pm when we finally cleared up. Many were gone back and left 6 of us.

We started our game!!what can we play with 6 persons and at such a late time?Perharps hide-and-seek will do.XD

I hide in a toilet corner for the 1st round. Nobody found me although they saw me ran into toilet.XD They nearly call the police.hahaha~

The second round, I hide at the same site, and was the first one to be found =(.

Hence I became the catcher for the third. I found Jingxue lying flat on the slide, Hui Wen keep running and 3 hiding inside a hole.

We were able to play 3 rounds only because the jaga wanted to close the area d. Although we just played for 30 minutes,but the game was nice. Searching ppl at late night and at a deserted eerie area.XD

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chinese New Year is coming

This CNY is considered a special one. It is because the first day of CNY ( Chu Yi ) falls on 14 of February.

Couples can give mandarin oranges instead of chocolates, this can save a lot of money.XD

Well, how would I celebrate this Chinese New Year? The only thing I am looking forward to is the fifth day. That day our KRS gang will spend whole day at shopping mall, then come to my house for BBQ and some of them will stay overnight. We have planned this since school reopen. We really hope that this plan can carry out without mistake. Last holidays, we planned to count down at Pantai Kerachut, a remote beach at Balik Pulau there. We planned it well but were forced to call off due to some reasons. I think we will never any chance to get near to beach since the dragon boat capsized incident.

Next thing emerge in my mind is : STUDY
First term exam will be held after a week of CNY holidays. The thing is, all subjects are new to me and I realised that I learnt nothing after a month. All are much in a blur. 10 subjects, I need to cover in 10 days, minus four days new year visitation, left 6 days. I don't think is ample.

Before CNY holidays start, I plan to clean all my homework debt first. The level of homework has reached an alarming rate and is getting out of my control.XP

Here I wish all of you happy Chinese New Year, don't forget to belanja me with your Ang Pau Jeffrey and Yan Yi.

off to nerd now...

Friday, 5 February 2010

A day Before Merentas Desa

Tomorrow will be my school annual merentas desa.It should be called merentas bandar.-______-

I have to duty tomorrow, so no need to participate the marathon. Before every sports event of my school, we will do the preparations like building up tents, check tracks and all.

We started to build the biggest tent in our school. We took 2 hours under the hot sun and finally something was erected on the field.

Unfortunately, last night had a downpour. Big rain drops hit the tent hard and the wind blew fiercely. The tent was found collapsed this morning when we reached school.T.T

ARGHHH!First time I met this situation, club image gone, students watching from up floors when we went to examine it.

Headmaster permitted us to continue to work on it and build it up again. For this, I skipped six periods.=)

Let's pray that today won't rain anymore.XD

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


ARGH!2010 entered February already!!

In another word, we are 1 month old form4. Last month, to be honest I passed it in a blur state. Totally blur. Since school reopen until today, I have totally no idea what I am supposed to do and what I have learnt. The teachers seemed so far away from me, futher and further day by day. I am still behind, crawling to meet them.

All new subjects I know I could fail after teachers started to enter chapter 2. Actually this is not the only factor that caused this problem. Another factor shouldn't be neglected is school activities!!!

Wednesday and Thursday I have to practise lame marching until 7pm. Tuesday is club activity and I got tuition on Monday and Friday. How about Saturday? I have to march again from 8am to 5pm, followed by English and BM tuition 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Now, I can't even manage to finish my homework everyday. Teachers got funny thinkings, they thought we just have to study a subject everyday and give a lot of homework for us, saying : You can do it whole afternoon. Let say we have 5 subjects a day, then we need 5 whole afternoon to finish the work. Logically, it is impossible for us to finish off.

My homework is accumulated for several days d. No time to clear stock. I am so tired, sometimes don't bother to touch it. Just rush and copy while we need to pass up.XD

You may ask : You said you have not enough time but why are you still here?

Good question. Like I said, I feel pressured and tired while seeing those books and sometimes don't bother to touch it. That's why I am here to blog - escaping from reality.hahaha~

I wonder when can I stop this turmoil and get it right. May God bless me in March exam.

I miss the time shaking legs and crapping jokes in Form2 and 3 so badly...

But don't worry, I am still joking although it is in the midst of hardship, jokes really help me to relax and laugh.=)

Hope can see you again soon.