Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Whistle While I Work It

The struggle remains.

The conflict is there.

The more I love the more it hurts. I thought I am regulating well, until the flashbacks started to distract me from studies. Have been trying hard to be indifferent, to force myself to remember how bad you are. It seems like this is the only way, it's the mechanism triggered by my mind after all the pain you gave. I say it is a mechanism, because I didn't formulate it, it occurs naturally, just like the immunity you acquired after you recovered from a flu. Your body needs to do something to prevent you from getting harm easily. I suppose this applies to your mind as well. A greater pain comes, when love reaches that point, when the root of our apocalypse is uncovered.

You have been good, you are better. However my mind remains defensive. I realize I become bad in treating you. It is like the reverse of you and me. I consciously become selfish. I am cruel. Am I taking revenge? I constantly remind myself. I ought not to. The Lord teaches us to forgive as He have forgiven all our iniquities. I think I have let go all the past, but sometimes they just rise from bottom suffocating you.I am a romantic guy, I love to give surprises. But I think my passion in doing this is quenched by you after 1 year.

You can't do what I want. We both know the reason why. You have stated your stand. I understand absolutely. I am still finding the balance point. My love is buried deep down, by the hands of myself. I am working on it, while I whistle.