Sunday, 9 January 2011

1st Week of School

Wow, we have been going through the first week of school for 2011 and I just celebrated my mum's birthday yesterday.

First week of school, a relax and pleasant one.

We have no tenth period, no even one science subject lesson, and of cause, no Pn Malathee.

Everyday at least contained 4 free periods, we idled all the time we had by reading novels and chatting. After the third day, we finally broke the silence which reigned awkwardly for the previous days, probably we hadn't mix up yet or the side effects of keeping our mouths shut for 2 months. On friday, we made noise.XD

I started to realise that I should not wait for the environment to fit into me. I must change to fit into the environment.

It had been a happy week for me except a disaster struck on last Tuesday. I went to swim on the extremely cold pool. I left my goggle at the pool side and I just walked away like that. On my mind I kept assuring myself that I had taken it back. So 2 days had passed. I suddenly thought of it and rummaged my whole little house for it. That was how I realised I had lost it. Of cause it was not there the place where I left it. ARGH!!I yell now to all universe to whoever took it no matter animal, plant, human or ghost, please return it to me!It is a black one with 500 power!Such high power goggle is useless for you!!

By the way I will go and check the CCTV on next Tuesday since I was so busy. Grrrr, don't say 'catch me if you can' as I will definitely sort you out!