Thursday, 7 August 2008

Neutralisation Equation

Long timee no update d because the exam is coming. Every exam for me is important because i wan face mah. U noe la. Later some Ah Cuan in my class come and show off. My face all terbang

sini terbang sana. So me and Wei Yang decided to beat him everytime in exam. The 1st time of exam i won him by ngam ngam. Then second time of exam,Wei Yang won him. Well this time

dunno who will win. XD i found out a great formula to memorize neutralisation equation. Its so damn easy. And now i am happy.

hydrochloric acid+sodium hydroxide---> sodium chloride+water. Yipee.

So many craps. Shaun Oon i wan go ur 'high tech' hse on holidays. Jeffrey also ask me to go jamming at AkarKarya. Hope i wont throw ur face, Jeffrey.

Ditulis oleh, Lee Yan Yi.