Friday, 26 December 2008

As you all can see, this blog is dead forever. Will not revive anymore. So ya, if you want to come, you are still welcome. XD

Monday, 22 December 2008


Hohoho~merry christmas!!!i greet everyone while chat with them.Johor's fren says very warm,KL's says damn cold,penang's says too early-.-~

nvm~merry christmas

since no one wan to post
so i post.

post wad leh?

Merry christmas lor

juz merry christmas?

then,hohoho~merry christmas lor.

nothing else?

orh,okay...den plus a happy new year lor.

har,new year is coming up?

erm...i oso duno leh.



Matthew~unlimited~dialogxD wakakaka

Friday, 12 December 2008

I'm Back !!!!

Hey...Im back from hibernating.XD Its 12 A.M now. Normally, i cant online until this time due to my parents. But now, no !! Im enjoying freedom. XD

Well, i'll blog bout the tuesday just pass by. Hehe.

Morning, gathered in jing yann's house at 9.30. Depart to sunway pyramid bout 9.45. i guess. Once reach there, we straightly walk to the counter for ice skating. ;D Meet Kassandwarf or spiderdwarf, danny and one more girl. After spending 21 bucks, T.T we went in to ice skate. Muahahaha. Danny show his skating skills. T.T kena cuan by him. Then i ask the ice skating sifu (jing yann) to teach me how. She dont teach me. T.T After 1 hour, i know how to skate lil bit. =(

Abt 2, we went out for lunch. Girls went to Waffle World and boys went to McD. Haha. Then me, binhao and Danny walk around like shit. Exploring. Sunway was quite nice actually, better than 1u i think.

Bout 4, we went back jingyann's hse. We play W-ii again !!! Yeahh. Super fun. And thats all i think. Bye bye. XP


Monday, 8 December 2008


HoHoHo~Merry Christmas!!!!now stil in holiday mood.n every musketeer becomes very lazy d,no one willing to post.before anyone could complain dat the blog is dying(especially soo yengxD),i decided to save the blog!!one of the reasons is every time i visit our own blog,get bored of seeing myself holding a guitar.xD wakaka~juz joking.

Actually,i oways see jeffrey online n put his status to busy,duno he is doing wat,a great possibility is playing DoTA.n for yan yi case,i think he is praticing his guitar skill to overcome jeffrey one day.xD.Jeffrey,the creator of dis blog,confessed dat he even lazy to visit dis blog.-.- haiz~please post something laa 3musketeerz.

2molo i will back to penang.actually i should be in penang on sunday d.My mum says we muz load as much things as possible to the little camry.Coz she says the lorry provided for shifting might be too small.

ohya,we are planning for christmas countdown.yiting suggested should gathered in someone's house,to avoid 'traffic jams' in shopping malls.but count down with a big crowd baru syiok ma.XD

I think our nex gathering will on as planned.xD coz my mum's mind keep changing every second.hoho.she may want us to stay in penang for 2 or 3 weeks.but dis time i will drag her all the way back,so dun worry.xD

Merry Christmas~HoHOho!!want presents??give me ur dad's credit card den i will buy for you!HoHoHO,wahohoho~XD

Matthew~The lame santa.=]