Saturday, 7 November 2009

7th of November

Arh... 7th of November... PMR started precisely a month ago.

PMR had past for a month.We had lived a non-PMR month.

Perharps many of you had enjoyed much,but my life after PMR was just a turmoil. I didn't what I had done, I just knew I did so many things and was so busy. Almost everyday I stayed back at school, stayed up late. Frankly, I didn't touch a book or even a pen for a month.coooool~

Even though, the month was full of excitements and joy. The open ceremony of my busy after PMR life was the trip to PJ to celebrate Yan Yi's birthday. After coming back, I started on the preparation for Backwood Comp without rest. Then was the Backwood Comp. The third week our team won the champion of sandcastle building. Next was the Ultimate Frisbee Competition. The fourth week Hui Wen and I made a cake to celebrate Shea Yee's birthday. Paintball Competition just past a few days ago.

huh~see? I was really busy, not as a participant of those events, but also a co-ordinator. Someone just can't get that. He thought I am supposed to be really free and just working for him.

For December, KRS Training Camp 2009. I was elected as Patrol Leader for Patrol 8. Another test for me. You have so much to catch up and learn comparison to those who have joined KRS for three years.

What make things worst is that I'd maybe need to wait until next year to move in my new condominium -.-"

Alright, enough grumbles.haha~Thanks for lending your ears.You're really a good aundience.bye~