Thursday, 10 December 2009

ONLINE AGAIN - after a week didn't

Wow,it is great to get back the feeling of touching the keyboard and stare at the monitor...

Sorry for not updating this blog, I really have no time to connect to the web, there are so many things and stuffs for me to complete since training camp is a week away, and most of my time is stolen by marching training.

MARCHING!!!It hurts, hurt my knees and causes my skin to burn.

MARCHING!!!It's tough, to stay under the sun and keep your head 45 degrees up.

MARCHING!!!It's lame, continue to do the same movement for several hours and make it as a routine.

For marching I just have 3 days free a week. And the 3 days left are occupied with other activities.

HAIZ ... ... HAIZ ... ... HAIZ ... ...