Friday, 4 September 2009

SLOVAK SLING by Woo Ming Jin

The 9th one. How to bribe?First of all, you must give everything he requires.Next, give your sun glasses to him(you noe,the weather here is hot).Thirdly,you can give him all of your belongings from your Italy shirt to your Hush Puppies underwear.

Jeffrey ar,your give-off-tissue-paper trick is outdated d.Nowadays, girls won't feel touch becoz you provide tissue paper for them d.Make a change,you can follow the lessons below.

Lesson1: Take Care Of Her Pocket Money

Lesson2: Take Care Of Her 'Brother'

Lesson3: Take Care Of Her Children

Examples please watch the video.XD

A comedic re-enactment of how one politician tries to entice another to switch party allegiance as DVD pirates look on.

Matthew-Jeffrey Go Go Go!

Exam Week

The school trial exam started from last Tuesday, end on next Tuesday. This time we are taking the exam in the hall, not in classrooms.

You will feel more tense if you were taking exams in hall man. The atmosphere...summore lack of the hot weather...Try to imagine lah,taking exams in a hall and in a classroom is really different.

I juz get a bit panic on the first day first subject.After all,I manage to adapt to the environment(As a ninja, we must try to adapt to the environment.XD). I think I did the exam well, but got some answers wrong T.T

Next Tuesday will be the last subject-Math.Since laz term exam,I have a phobia towards Math.Why??Becoz I juz got 80 only...while ppl got 100...sob...

Nevermind,I guess Jeffrey's math is even worst.XD Jeffrey!You are my comfort!!!Thanks a lot.