Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gathering with Neri & Yen Ling

Yo! sorry for not updating for such a long time. you know my holidays schedule, pack pack pack! Despite it is now holidays, I still go to school every day, 8 to 5, not to take lessons, but like working without being

Most of the time I am acting and directing a movie for KRS training camp's Treasure Hunt. It's almost done. We all agree to post to facebook once the camp is over. The roll out time is around Christmas ba, so you can take it as Xmas special movie.hahaha~

Since this is our debut, we will allow the public to access our facebook profile and watch for free! We are still negotiating with big cinemas like GSC, TGV and so on to show it on the silver screen.XD

Well~the final exam's result was out mostly. I am not so satisfied with them, huh. Next year we will be sitting for SPM, I hope I can strive better in next year's examinations.

Alright, yesterday I went to Yen Ling's residence which located behind Ecotel. I met Neri there too.XD we chit-chat for about 3 hours ba?

Sui Jing said she would be the first to reach there but she turned out to be the last -___-"

After then, we went out to snap photos frantically,hoping that we can keep the memories forever.=)

I wonder why Sui Jing like to pose like a star...

ohya~it was my first time to hold a camera and 'Zi Pai'!!ARGH!!!Thanks to my 130++ height.

Sui Jing, Neri and Yen Ling went for dinner together after I went back.

In my opinion, gather together at one place chatting and playing can have more fun than outing.haha~cause we possibly can't shopping and chatting so warmly in the mall.

However, I still looking forward to go outing to watch NARNIA!

Now there is a place called StraightQuay?I hope we can go there.XD

Thanks for the photos!Neri , Sui Jing and Yen Ling! =)

P.S. : Sui Jing, next time change to a moon-pose ba.wakaka~