Friday, 30 September 2011

Adventure on The Road!

Yeah!Yesterday was the last day of the stressful SPM trials!!Although SPM is reaching in 45 days, let us just forget about it first. I was so excited as we were going to watch a movie in the afternoon, a large group of us! However during the last paper, I was really nervous. Erm, not quite for the exam but the fact that I would be driving on my own first time without my father supervision to Sunway!!It's a real sun way wasn't it?

My parents, I mean my mother, always over protect me sometimes, she thinks that it's still dangerous for me to drive alone, with a big car like Camry. While all my friends have their own cars, and they are really mobile.

A day before I was like asking my dad in a simple manner :"Ddy, tomorrow do you need your car? I am going to Sunway to watch movie with my friends..." If you scrutinise the sentence structure, you will sure find some clues I was hinting to my dad that I would like to drive alone there. AH!Like father like son, he got it.XD with the right and accurate frequency and a resonance occurred.WOO HOO!

"You need to get your permission to hang out with friends first."

And I asked and my mother and she allowed. Of cause I didn't tell her that I would be driving.hahax. Matty decided to break the rule!To strive for freedom!To be rebellious!XD

Little did I know I will pay the cost.

Well well, yesterday I brought Chen Xin home for lunch. 2.30pm, once we reached the ground floor of my condominium, Itik and Angie reached too.

They can't believe I would drive them there. Keep repeating are you sure!? Zhen De Ma!

" Hey Matthew are you sure you can drive us safely there?I didn't tell my mum you are drivng us there, cause if she knew She won't let me be here. Chen Xin, did you buy insurance?" Itik murmured.

So and so we got in the car, Chen Xin, another driving licence holder, sat on the front seat as coordinator. Angie, also one with the licence, but just merely a prove to show that she is of age to drive, at the backseat. Thud thud, Itik, the girl who doesn't even know where to slot the car key, at my back.

"Matt because I am sitting in your car so I must tighten the seatbelt.I don't do that usually." She said again.

"Do you need a helmet as well?" I asked, politely.XD

Come on, trust me can ah, I know you do, If not you won't be here. I mean you all.

Kay, no mistake is allowed. I told myself in heart. Can't throw my own face in front of her.I mean the girls.hahaha.And let Chen Xin laughs.

Yeah!!Off the road we go!!Along the way, I did quite well, and gained confidence in myself, knowing that it's just so simple, knowing that I can be independant, knowing that I can drive without my parents yelling. Perharps their shouts will make the journey more dangerous?Aha ha ha ha.

When we finally parked the car nicely, ready to step down. My phone rang!A dear name appeared on the screen yet it was so strange and unusual to appear at such a time : MUMMY.


Scolded.She was so angry that she just yelled at me. Saying both my dad and I were good at concealing stuff from her knowledge. I think my dad was a victim too. My mood spoilt, but I must put my emotion aside and enjoy the day.

When the rest of them reached, we watched Johnny English. Later then Chen Xin, Teik Yong, Wen Jiong and I went to buy birthday present for Xue Kai. Just about to leave, Itik called to ask some guys to assist them to finish up the Pizzas at Pizza Hut. What?!3 girls dining but you ordered 2 regular pizzas?cool...

I was about to leave, since I must send Chen Xin and Teik Yong back to school to catch the afternoon session bus back to Kepala Batas there. Somehow we walked to pizza hut direction.

Oppss, it's 6.30pm!If there were a traffic jam, even if we flew also can't reach there before 7pm. I geared up and took the highway. Speeding within the speed limit. I managed to reach school about 15minutes later. WOW.haha.shhh.Don't tell parents.

Reached home and my dad brought me to Sunway again to watch Abduction with them at 8pm.

Heyy, luckily now, after a day, my mum's anger ceased!I am safe!XD

And guess what!Ah Jing turned up as a surprise to all!With her brand new camera!Still fresh, just out of the factory I think.haha.When are we going to start our movie Ah Jing?As soon as possible ya! Hope you really enjoyed last night with us! To see what incredible photos Ah Jing has snapped, click the link to her blog then!XD

I brought you there safely.=)


Well, our next movie after Johnny English was Abduction. Starred by future action movie actor Taylor Lautner.

Before watching it, the plot summary is exciting enough to pull me to the cinema. The plot summary says a guy named Nathan finds his own photograph on the US missing children list website, and then he sets off his adventure. I was thinking : what?How can one finds himself on the missing persons list?Even if he was a missing child, now he has a family and his name should be cancelled from the list right.

The plot is really a thrill I must say. I can't really guess what comes next in the cinema. You know many movies follow the same pattern of story line, you can even know exactly when and where the couple kiss, who is the one behind, who is the bad guy and how the bad guy dies at last and so on.But not this one, The mystery in your mind remains until the middle part, and the answers uncover in an unexpected way.

For guys, you will start to think will you face the same fate like Nathan? We are about the same age with him now, can we cope with all he has gone through? Luckily, the answer is :



I would like to watch it a second time.=)

Johnny English

Johnny O Johnny. All that I know about him, I mean the actor, is from Mr Bean. I have heard of Johnny English but never got a chance to watch its previous films. Yesterday right after our last day of SPM trials, 12 of us went to Sunway Carni to release stress.

I think we have got the right movie to watch.XD

Okay, what expectations I have for this movie?Rowan Atkinson is a great comedian, and I grow up watching Mr Bean, I really can't imagine he plays in an action film. You know, with that kind of face expression on the poster, I am interested to rule out the truth.=)

When the movie starts off with the scene he is trainning in Tibet, I realize that this is a comedy, absolutely. We literally laughed our butts off through out the 1.5 hours. It's totally Mr Bean, just perharps the director thinks that it is not quite a nice name and change the title to Johnny English. Mr Bean is painted with a new identity, MI7 secret agent. However, the way he acts still couldn't run away from Mr Bean. Besides, many scenes in it reminds me strongly about scenes in Mr Bean too! Like the one Johnny playing his chair, rising it up and sinking it down, was similar to the time when Mr Bean went to the Dentist and playing the couch there. The way Johnny cooks also very alike with Mr Bean.

Now let's talk about the plot. Mr Bean?As a MI7 secret agent?? ha!You knew from that your job in the cinema is to laugh, laugh and laugh.

Johnny is the lousiet secret agent I have ever seen. Very much contrary with his senior, James Bond, Johnny is definitely much much inferior. I think I can do better than him! The way he responses to enemies and critical situations, you will sure doubt his ability.You will have the impulse to knock his head or even run into the screen to replace him to accomplish his mission. Driving a helicopter so low and following the ground road?I think many will put secret agent as their first choice career after watching the movie. One funny point is, his enemies are hundred times wiser and stronger than him, but at last the ending follows evil-cannot-defeat-good rule. And this is MI7 man! This organization is dead cool, carrying out every mission successfully and never be in a mess. However, in Johnny English you might be worry for the security and safety of British government with agent like that.

By the way, like I said it's a comedian, just ignore the not so logical plot, and LAUGH!


Thursday, 8 September 2011


This is the quote I heard it from Steve Jobs, the creator of what you are holding in hand, or perharps you are using one of his products to view this post. He is not the one who created this quote, I forgot where is it origin.

And I have decided to take it as one of my mottos.XD


Hungry for knowledge, hungry for all the things happening. Find a job or something where your passion lies. If you haven't found it yet, keep on searching until you found it. Press on and don't give it up. DIVE into the job which you are very interested for long.

Of cause, this phrase suits me so well that I always can't feel the satisfying growl in my stomach after every meal. In fact, my stomach has stayed hungry all the while.=)


Foolish??Mind you, I always think that I am considered an interlligent one. I have a funny and deep feeling that I am better and clever than others, which sometimes turn into pride. However now,  I have decided to stay foolish. And yes, it's STAY foolish, not ACT foolish.The good feeling about myself I said earlier has not faded however,turns into strong confidence.haha~

This phrase struck me on many aspects. The first is I shall always be humble to listen to others, to learn from others. Secondly, it teaches me not to show off my tip-of-the-iceberg wit. I must learn to hold my toungue in whatever situation, this can't prevent me from any form of criticism or any unpleasant listeners. Besides, I have a chance to listen what people might say. Thirdly, I think I am already on the way doing it, we should not accounted everything seriously. I don't mind people take advantage on me, I choose to be silent when people accuse me, I tend to do good to others and make myself a blessing to all around me.You might think I am bullied. You might think I am foolish to do the extras, but let it be how foolish I am. And I am really not hoping for any reward or return. 

Stay foolish as I am!
 Let me ask a question which I can't find the answer
A fly drops into a Holy Cup. Will the fly becomes holy, or the Holy Cup is contaminated?=) HAHAHAHA!

I can't finish sejarah, I can't finish Biology,Chemistry and Physics. I can't finish all the syllabus. But I can still S-M-I-L-E !!

Since we are busying preparing for exams, let those who read this post wear a smile while leaving this site.XD


Thanks for everything,girl ,as if you will ever visit this blog...Live life to the fullest.