Thursday, 6 November 2008

Exam Ends!

Exam finally finish unofficially today.tomorrow exam will be end officially.Thank you very much~

Haiz~i am not satisfy for this exam.I think I did not do well enough.The result may be very bad.But,I hope still can get 80 above for average.

Tomorrow Seni,dunno wan to draw wat...

Left two days in last two days in this school~

Dunno what to do...hope the time stop going...although I know it never would...recall those days...thank you Jeffrey and Yan Yi...and of course Wei Yang and Soo Yeng...very yi yi bu she...

huh...maybe too emo le?
I said I will never post emo things right?
haha~dis whole exam period Jeffrey keep emoing~

I appreciate you all~

Matthew the boy~you'll never walk alone,just I leave alone~