Friday, 30 October 2009

Ultimate Frisbees Competition 2009

So today was the Ultimate Frisbees Competition...

A very unlucky day for me...

Perharps many of you don't have any clue about what is Frisbees yet. Frisbees is a game like any ball game, but the ball replaced by a disc. I think it is a game that combine football, basketball and rubby. You need to keep flying the 'ball' towards the goal (nonsense -.-). But you cannot walk more than two steps, it will be considered as 'walking' or 'travelling'. While you score, you must be holding the disc and must stand inside the goal box.

Well, for short, this competition held by Inti College Penang was just for form 3s.However, 2 form3 teams and 1 form 4 team reperesented our school to the competition because we did not know that.One of the form3's players were picked from the champion team of the school,considered as professional and is very strong.The other was just formed up by random and whoever interested in it, you may call it as amateur team.And I was in the amateur team or as it called in hokkien 'zap ceng team'. Although we were not champion team, we were strong too and we trained for a week for the competition.On the contrary, the champion team was not trained so hard.

Yesterday, when we were trainning and played against the champion team, we could win 9-8 in a 30 minutes game. We could say that we were stronger than them in all aspects.

The problem started yesterday right after trainning. Inti College the organizer said we could not go for 3 teams, just 2. The school decided to put 1 form 3 and 1 form 4. That's mean the 2 teams of form 3 need to combine and make the strongest team. The problem we faced were just as same as Real Madrid and Manchester City : too many pros and too many subsitutes. Some of them quit for the reason.

But then late evening I got a call from the school, they said Inti College had permit us to put 3 teams,because one of the schools will be absent.

We got the news too late and had no time to tell all of our fellow teamates.

This morning when we gathered in school to start off to USM field, there were just 14 form3s. Thats mean if we separated for two teams, we would have no subs. For this reason the team leader and all of us started to argue : Remain in 1 team or separate for 2.

We decided to go for 2 teams, becoz we thought that one more team, one more chance. But we were not enough of good pro players for both team. Few said we should focus on a team and make sure the team can reach the champion. Many said we should separated equally and fought equally.Many too agreed with the latter.

We argued over this matter all the way from Butterworth to Penang USM. At last we were forced to put all our good and pro players in a team, leaving another team to die.

The so called champion team pick all our quality and good players from our 'zap ceng team'. Leave us nothing. They even picked our captain. No choice, we must pick those who had not even touch the disc before. Our tranining wasted, strategies backfired, all gone!!!

FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE I REMAINED IN THE TEAM WITH MY RAKAN-RAKAN SEPERJUANGAN ALTHOUGH I HAD A CHANCE TO CHOOSE SIDE. We swear no matter win or lose, we would stayed together and fight to the end. We were Matthew, Wee Rock, Tao Sheng , Ah Boon, Zhao Jong, Jia Yi and Yi Chern.

Hey, till here please give some applause man!! Come on!! XD

Alright alright.Enough Clapss, I know we were awsome, but please let me finish it.

First match we met the Form4s. Was like Pulau Pinang versus Liverpool.6-1!!

Second match we met the champion team. Was like Malaysia versus Man U.3-1!!!

Just then, got players from other school complaint that we got form 4. So they checked and told us we should'nt. They let the form4s to play until semi final. So, this kill our form4s and kill one our chances. They blame me for admitting that they were form4s.zzzzzzzzzzz.The organizers already knew man!!And Harry Potter teaches me that I Must Not Tell Lies!!!!

So our only hope was the champion team, and they won the champion...

On the other side, we, lose had met our waterloo. Lose 3 out of 5 matches. The two teams we won were GIRL teams.hehehe~At least we were not that bad.XD

Anyway, it is over =)