Thursday, 4 September 2008

New teacher.

Muahaha. I got new guitar teacher. Yesh. So fun. This teacher called Nizam. Not Kadri Nizam.

haha. Jeffrey recommend this teacher to me. Then i go for a try, but before that, i kena scolded

by my father and mother. Waste money this, waste petrol that. Haiz. Feel so sorry for them la.

By the way, the way of teaching of the teacher is fun. He uses many highlighters, colour pens and

stuffs. Fun fun fun. Today in school, jeffrey was so unlucky. Kena scold by pengetua on the first

period. Then go up to library. He dunno what are we doing. So he go find books to read. When he

finding, Jothi came and scold him, haha. Then after recess, he go makan. Kena scold by those

pengawas seniors. Memang damn lucky la him.