Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Yeahh, Matthew is back. I wont be lonely tml. Muahaha. Can fool ppl with him again. My thumb

is very pain because of GUITAR !! Play the same song for at least a 100 times for this whole

week, so that Nizam will give me high marks tml. Anyway, our big blog fan- Soo Yeng, request

me to update this lifeless blog. So i juz update lo. Today is holiday, but its damn boring. Used it to

study Kemahiran Hidup. And the less of the time, is guitar time. Jeffrey gets very du lan today.

Today i learn a proverb from my friend-

AVERAGE Flamingos' are nice. not tiny ones.thy stink.and suck. ;D NOno. tiny ones are tender!

Insulting leh. Try to understand it. XD.

Chill la jeffrey !

Yanyi. lol