Friday, 26 November 2010

What A Day!Outing with Wen Qi

Wen Qi and I (2010)
I was like wearing cool specs lol!XD
The lucky voucher we got.X)

This afternoon I went Queensbay to meet Wen Qi. Ha!!You bluff me that you can't see me on next week cause you are going to Taiwan. But I check my programme there with Yan Yi and he told me the first event is having steamboat dinner with you...

Just joking~Coming all the way up north to Penang, I sure will give face and turn up one.XD

I couldn't sleep well these days, woke up at 4am.Maybe the effect cause by studying too late during exams.Trying hard to slumber off, kept dreaming funny things, you kept appearing.
Started working with my fellow GS members to clean up the damn store room. It's a massive project. We shifted all the things out and put it on a class first, clean & paint the wall, shift them back neatly. It's a 2 days

Felt so sorry for my dear members, I need to left them by 12pm. Jump on my dad's car, had chicken rice in car and changed shirt. Aboard ferry at 12.35pm, reached Penang at 1pm. All Rapid to Queensbay didn't allow me to alight the buses. So I waited until 1.20pm and the bus started off at 1.35pm. I knew I would be late Wen Qi.haha~Sorry for letting your gastric juice corrode your stomach epithelial wall.But it was not my fault too, it's your gastric juice.XD

Wen Qi was so hungry, we just simply went in "Taiwan Bull" for good. We chat a lot there huh. OMG, I just happened to discover how much Penang am I. Those Penang slang and words, 'teh diao','mai leh' I must translate into 'zha dou','what the hell' so that you could understand me. Next week I'm going back KL to meet you all, I think it will occur communication problem.haha~be my translator ba Wen Qi, since you say you are half Penangite.

However, I have one thing to laugh at Wen Qi, she asked me to teach her tali .I was thinking what on earth is that?You mean syilling? Actually she was refering to Ikatan which means knotting.hahahaha~This one sure laugh die Jingxue. Okay lah~different places, different people, different culture,different language.=]

Watched Unstoppable. Quite nice what. But I think it would be better if the scenes not just so focus on the trains and add more tragedies happened. =) I wonder why the truck Ned was driving wouldn't out of fuel. -_____-

After movie, we wanted to find a place to take photos. BORDERS was our first choice.XD We just put our camera on the rack and turn on timer mode. I found that the workers there were watching us curiously. They probably thought : what the hell are the couple doing??no other places to snap photos??hahahahaha.But they should feel proud cause we choose the place. =)

Er...opppss~rewind backward a bit.Before we went BORDERS, we went to Areoline to book my tickets to 1utama KL. Yan Yi urged Wen Qi far from KL to make sure I bought the tickets, still say will hold a welcoming back dinner for me wor.XD Feel so touched for having such friends like you, 2years we were apart from each other, but the friendship never gone,even deeper than before. I OWE YOU ALL!

Speaking of Areoline~whoa!!!It costs me RM120 to and fro. For ordinary tickets just RM90 only. If not Areoline will stop at 1utama,the place near Yan Yi's new residence, and so many bus accident these days, my mom won't let me, a young kiddy boy take such a high class bus.
Mind you!I say it first in the front : I'm not bragging about I can sit business class coach to BU or not. I just merely want to share with you my feelings and experiences.XD Accept you may continue, Decline please leave this page. haha~

When I went to the counter to purchase tickets. It was like purchasing a flight ticket.XD So class.haha~ After choosing seat, ask me my name and phone number. I was required to sign my name on the tickets after the tickets were printed neh~The tickets are put inside an envelope.

Each tickets got 2 complimentary luggage stickers for me to prevent luggage mistaking. I thought this type of service only taking flight got?=)

There are meals provided during the journey.XD wahahah~like taking a flight hor?Areoline is a double decker bus, the upper decker is for passengers, the lower decker is sort of cafe according to Wen Qi. :)

ok lah~ dun elaborate some more, later ppl say me sampat...

The tickets are in this envelope.

My tickets!!erm, I should call it, boarding pass.haha~Can you see my beautiful full of art signature?XD

Another story started :

Wen Qi left me at 6.00pm, I managed to catch a bus at 6.20pm and started long journey back to Weld Quay. The bus was stuck in sluggish traffic for an hour plus. After 45 mins long I kept my mouth shut, I couldn't stand anymore. The foreign tourist behind me also couldn't bear boring situation. He first expressed his feelings to the girls behind him, murmuring about the traffic. The girls were from Sarawak according to their conversations.

I really truly couldn't bear any longer, I must move my lips.

I joined the conversation.XD

Well well well, I chat a lot with him for 15 mins. He is an Aussie from Gold Coast. Gigantic, a lot of beard and seems like at his mid-fifties.He told me how the teenagers there like my age are drinking,taking drugs, ecstacy pills in Gold Coast. He was here last August for 2 days and determined to return here for his birthday which falls on 23rd of November. He will be staying here until before Christmas.

I asked him where he stays. Jalan Machalister.

I started to act like a tour guide and introduce him food and places (Ng Yen Yen hired me to do so.hahaha).

Matt: Do you try the food here?How do you find it?

He: yeah~These days I had buffet in my hotel.Very nice.

Matt: -_____________-"

Maybe this is so called sense of humour...

Matt: I mean local famous food.

He: oh~there are many food stalls around the area and I think I'll try it tonight.

I was so amaze I could understand him cause you know their slang and tone and pronunciation. I can imagine Neri is dealing with them everyday.haha~good job! He pronounce the word 'hour' differently,I would like to ask Neri how it is.hehe.

I was suprized he could understand my partial broken English too, although once a time he needed to think for a few seconds. The puzzlement on his face embarrassed me...

What a day was today!!XD

Ohya~the malays kept glaring at me as we chat.I wonder why...I can see a face of hatred and annoyed...

I took 2 hours reach home.