Sunday, 13 July 2008

Cheer 2008

Today is a BIG day for SMK BUD 4 students. lol. Me, chee wai, chee fai, sean tee and our best

leader of all- Lee Mun Wai, took LRT to Masjid Jamek. When we reach masjid jamek for transit,

we saw kah soon and gang. There are 2 LRT on the line but travel to different places after one

station. Aiya, sorry if u dun understand. XD. Then the first train travel to AMPANG and the

second train is to SRI PETALING, which we can go to bukit jalil. Guess what?? Kah soon is so in

a hurry until he took on the first train. hahaha. Me and others laugh. luckily he managed to get

down on the next station before the pathway splits into two. Then nothing nice happen. Until the

most important part of cheer 2008- result announcement. The award tat we wanted the most

(for supporters)-which is the BEST SUPPORTER AWARD poof away from our eye. The winner

is a big crowd of green shirts human.Dont really rmb their name, dont remember sad things la. .

Anyway, the 5 great winners of the cheerleading team in cheer 2008 are -
1st place. Shirtlife

2nd place. Dynamites

3rd place. Stunners( boy)

4th place. Titans

5th place. Xavier

Congrats for all the winners.

And for BLITZERZ : try better next year. All the best. We will always support you.

After cheer 2008, we took LRT back again. Then Mun Wai say that he wants to belanja us

dinner. Unbelieveable. Thx Mun Wai for ur FREE dinner, and thx chee wai and chee fai's father

for fetching me home. Enough thanking and craping.

Sorry for my poor english. My comp cant upload pictures. Old comp. So please do go to other

blog and view photos for cheer 2008.


Boring day~ i waited all day for my friendz to sms me the resultz for cheer 2008

Finally i got the resultz around 4-5pm (cant really remember the time) Although we din win anything but to those who were involved, u deserve a really big THX!!! XD

nothing much to say tday.....urm so.....gud luck next year blitzerz!!! GO BU4!!!!!!!!!!WE WERE 1 OF THE BEST SCHOOLZ!!N WE WILL ALWAYZ BE 1 OF THE BEST NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!SO LETZ OWN DEM BACK NEXT YEAR!!!!!! GO BU4 GO BLITZERZ!!! =p

Jeffrey *thumbs up* :)