Monday, 26 May 2014


You've seen my monsters, you've seen my pain, you're told of my problems, you've tried to chase them away.

You have seen it all, I do not have anything to hide from you. Thank you for keep on trying, I never take for granted. I know you are really fed up. Everyone does. It's time to sit down and talk again.

I remember when we first started you let me listen to "Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson. I didn't understand what the lyrics was about. Then slowly I began to know, love covers all offences. And I am learning it.

Perhaps I used the wrong way, it shouldn't be mere tolerance. It's time to sort out the better approach.

Yes, I will definitely rise. But it takes time.

I think I am just like the young Charles Xavier in the most recent X- Men. I have many voices in my mind, I am afraid of the background commentary voices. I shut myself up. I lose hope. However, this is what the old Charles advises the young Charles :" Feel the pain, embrace it, your mind will be stronger than ever before."

Shall I open up my wounds to the brutality of truth.

Am I ready to do it. Can I bear the pain.