Friday, 31 August 2012

Premium Rush

Fixed gear. No brakes. Can't stop.

It is an awesome movie! After all the violent action movies like The Expendables 2 and sci-fi films like Total Recall, you would like to have some real-life-happening stories to view, to hear and to feel in the city.

Well, Premium Rush is definitely a good one. Not only the story line is unique and different, the way the director tells story is also new and impressive. You might have watched cars chasing after cars, jets rushing after jets, jets chasing after cars or cars chasing after motorcycles. What about a car chasing after a bike? And bikes chasing after bikes as well?

I don't even know there is a job called bicycle messengers exist on earth, at this age, until I have watched this movie. You see, we have courier service, email and so on, why would we need messengers. The case is, when all those high tech stuff fail, you still have back ups. This is probably the best job for the cycling-lovers. Haha. 

By the way, this is the fifth movie we watched together. Too bad, CIMB Debit Card buy 1 free 1 promotion ends today. XD

Happy Independence Day! I would like to watch Premium Rush for a second time. See ya guys, can't stay long here. =P