Saturday, 29 August 2015

First Poster Presentation

My poster and I

Even though it was just a hurdle requirement, which means it was not graded but we have to fulfil it, it was an awesome experience. Because we knew there would be no marks given for it, our team did not put much efforts into it. We could have done better than this.

My idea on a health promotion for Kechara Soup Kitchen was selected for the poster presentation. It was about hygiene care, a simple enough idea. Our primary goal was to get all the clients in the centre to wash hands before meals.

One cool thing about the presentation day was we were the only group with allowed informal attire because we had our agency's shirt. Another interesting thing on that day was we had a 2/3 chance of winning a prize, but we did not. Haha.

I should have put more effort, to the least prepare my script beforehand. I thought I could speak well enough directly 'fresh' from my mind. It was proven that my crapping skills were not adequate for formal presentations. Haha. Why? The judges had a criteria to mark on.

Anyway, this is medicine! In the future there will be more presentations to come. 

Be mattified, be mattnificent

P.S Mid semester test is coming up! The download speed is critically slow. Hopefully I can download all the exam material before exam.