Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour.

Hey. Our blog is quite dead though. The person who always ask me to update dont even update. xD Earth hour just ended 25 minutes ago. Kinda funny to watch TV in the dark.

"our mother nature hav already sacrifice so many for us. just one hour from now. switch off your light.make your mother smile again.slow down the your lights"

I got that from Hao Yii. Meaningful leh ?

Btw, yesterday was sukan tahunan SMKBUD 4. Wahahaha. Yellow won the first place after getting the 'last' last year. So damn happy la. Can hurt Jeffrey somemore, cos everyday he say green is gonna win. Sorry if i hurt other 'green people' cos there is so many ppl from green house. -.- Even pn norhafizah also from green house.