Monday, 27 July 2009

Home Sweet Home

yeah~my brother has been back for 1 week.Last Monday he arrived at Bayan Lepas airport at 5.30pm.

Well,he looks a lot whiter,rather skinny.And I nearly grow taller than him now.XD We are so happy that he finally comes back to Malaysia after gratuated from England with result of mechanical engineering second honour lower degree.

One more thing is, he brings a lot of things back from there.XD I seem like the one who benifited most. He bought me a pair of Lacoste shoes, a sony ericsson W980i , a collection magic wand of Harry Potter and many more.

Although we are fans of Liverpool,he said he often pay a visit to Old Trafford during there,because he stayed on Manchester. Old Trafford is a lot much bigger than Anfield. So, I have some souvenirs of MU too.

He only been at Anfield for a time or two.He bought a keychain with my name under the liverpool's badge from the stadium's store.And of course, a red jersey of Liverpool,numbered 8 of Gerrard. I am so pleased and happy of that.Muahahahahaha~Last time,I have no proof for I am a Liverpool Supporter besides mentioning by mouth,even no a single stuff that have LFC sign on it. He also bought another England Jersey of Gerrard too.

we have missed him for nearly a year. The feeling of having him here with us all the time is great. But soon he will go out for jobs d T.T can't aways fooling around with me d.

speaking of fooling people,Yanyi is still the best partner of mine.XD wakakaka

Duno Yanyi's skill has improved anot.As a sifu of him,long time never promote him d.haha~

Test for Yanyi, a simple one :Drive the lion king mad and trick him til IT becomes LAME.Watch out,dun let ppl say u mendera haiwan.XD

Matthew~Yanyi, stop nerding,have a break,have a kitkat.