Tuesday, 29 April 2014

2048 solved!

I came back from campus last night at 10.30pm. After I brushed up it was about 11pm already. I was about to climb into my comfy bed when I had an urge to try once more to solve the addictive puzzle.

So I tried. Just to assuage my addiction. However surprisingly the game flowed well. I sat upright and put my specs on, for I thought I could solve it. And I did!!


Yeah! Happy moody Monday night.


Sunday, 20 April 2014


I have an idea, a brilliant and creative way to update my post! However, I need time and tools to complete it, let's see if I can change the idea into reality one day.

Well, days are still not easy to get by, but I have something to look forward to 2 weeks later ( you know what is it =P ). I am on a total relaxed mode, not putting as much effort as I was in A-Levels. I am a little bit guilty about that especially I remembered what Dr Sen said :" Medical students are very privileged, you have 24 hours per day! 8 hours for lectures, the rest for you to study!" I appreciate his frankness, as many lecturers say there is fun and life in med school. The reason they say so is to prevent students from being too stressful.

Today is Easter Sunday! May the resurrection power fills you! 

Though it is the day Jesus resurrected from the grave, I remembered a phrase from my favourite song 3 years ago.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope, but failure's all you've known. Remember all the sadness and frustration. And let it go, let it go.


Yes, it is Linkin Park. The theme song for Transformers 3.

Blessed Easter!!



为什么会如此想念,我不懂 。可能经历了太多沧桑,没有一个比家更让人有安全感的地方。回到了这里,回到了妈妈的身边,心里有平安。

我不想离开,不想离开这个避风港。外面波涛汹涌,外面雷雨交加。曾经红心壮志 ,曾经斗志高昂。如今,我只求安定,我只求普通。