Monday, 22 March 2010


This March will be the worst month for me in 2010.From January to March, my graph of motion is decreasing uniformly.

January, my school life changed from too free to too hectic. From having too much time to observe ants crawling to have no time to brush my teeth.

February, doubted whether the teachers in class were speaking human languages...

MARCH, sit for exams without knowing what was the scope. However,remembered the date of Hammurabi's death but forgotten Wen Qi's birthday.After exams were holidays, but I still went to school everyday 8am to 6pm, even stayed longer than schooling time. Lost count of dates, missed Jeffrey's birthday. Woke up at 8am Friday morning, didn't sleep for the next 43 hours(seriously!) until Saturday's camp fire ended. Sunday still went to school to prepare MSSPP sports events. Stood under the hotsun from 7am to 2pm, and marched from 2.30pm to 7.00pm today. This whole week will have marching training since this Saturday is the competition. Next Tuesday and Wednesday will be school sports days.

See? I don't know I still can stand it for how long. I am just so frustrated and angry. Things happening around, people gossiping everywhere.

In this school for 2 years, I become retarded. Everything here is boring, everything is fixed. You just have to follow the procedures and rules. The way they think is like that, you can't change them. People hurried here and there, friend or foe you couldn't know. Smilling to you but stabbing you behind. I just feel that, within the walls of the school, there are no true friends or real enemies. They treat you nice must have a reason behind. Everyday we chat, play, make noise and jokes, but do you see me as a good friend? This year you all are rotting, this is all I can say.Thank You.