Monday, 13 October 2014

It's October, I Am Woken Up

I said please wake me up when September ends. Yes, September ended. But I woke up to another nightmare. Mid October is approaching, work load is increasing exponentially as usual. 

Anatomy is hard. Do I look convincing?

I am preparing for my year end exam. I really do hope I can excel this time. I want to ace it. I am tired to stay around the borderline. Being at the level below the top doesn't really suits me. It's time to step on the launching pad.

But, can I? Hahaha.
Well, perhaps I am finally determined to propel forward. The thing is do I have the capability? I felt like after the trauma my telomeres are shortened. There is a decrease in my intelligence. I am thinking how to reverse this condition. My capacity to memorize has severely declined. Plus, maybe I don't like the drugs name so I can't remember them. And of course anatomy, there are too many parts so by the time I finish, it's either I forget the initial parts or I have nerves, arteries and veins all mixed up. 

Yes, it's time to fly over the obstacles! 

Another reason to work harder and harder and harder. So I can truly enjoy my first year year end holidays with someone. 

Thinking to set the first and second photos as profile picture. Haha. What do you think?

Oh, I love how I smile and laugh.