Saturday, 11 October 2008

There is one week of holidays, and i have no plans. My onli plan is to onli complete the two songs,

and study. But the first song isnt complete yet. Now i onli start with geografi, others all bye bye.


Anyway, PMR is coming real real soon. Lol

Good Luck to :

Zu Kuan, Chee Fai, Sheng Hao, Su Jane, Xian Qi, Wen Yew, Choong Yean, Pik San, Timothy

Wong, and many people which i can squeeze them out of my brain for now. Lol. Sry. Aiya, good

luck to all form 3 la. Remember when u get straight A's belanja me makan ar. Lol.

Thx for the present, Jeffrey and Matthew. Gan Dong (gantung) neh. haha