Monday, 18 August 2008

Big People, Big Princip.

Today i learnt many many big life princip from jeffrey. He was like so pro. Haha. Cant blame people. He getting older d. Anyway, juz right after i was online. I become so pissed off by some stuff which is not really related to me, more towards Matthew.When i was typing foul words in MSN, jeffrey is chilling me down. End up, i'm not angry to those stuff anymore.

Today, i went to Midvalley with my fren by taking bus. So long la. I regret goin there. Wasture of time and money. The Metrobus-99 turn from here to there, spin and spin. Damn sien. Then when we reach Midvalley, nothing to do there. Damn boring. Those stuff there have no difference with 1u. Same shop, same stuff. Then, we took bus back again. It's so freaking long on the bus. Its about 45 mins. Finally, we reach home.


Thx for giving me those big big princip. I took panadol after that. Jk.