Monday, 25 August 2008

School reopens!

Dont feel like goin to school today. I was so damn blur. I forget to bring pj shirt. Damn. I hate wearing uniform during pjk. Stupid jeffrey dun lend his tissue to me. He say for girls when they are crying. hahaha.Jeffrey, u think when one girl cries, other boy wont give meh. Spare on me better !

Oh ya, hei zel told the whole chinese class a true story when she went to kuantan. Its about a boy almost died in the swimming pool because he cant swim and no one wants to help him. Luckily his was safe at last. Me and matthew continue fooling people in school. That's our daily job. Then nothing much d. Closing ceremony for Beijing olympic wasnt that nice. But it still quite nice. Opening is better. Jimmy Page, the old guitarist with long white hair playing a song, while Leone Lewis is singing.

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