Wednesday, 23 December 2009

PMR Result Is Coming Out!!

Finally!The result of the exam we took 2 months ago will be out by tomorrow!!

What make it even worst is,tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!

My feeling now??Nervous!!!!!

Extremely nervous!!!

Wad can I do now??non-stop overnight prayer meeting.XD hahaha~

I hope I can score 8As!!!

I declare I can!!!!

yay yay yay!!!

Hereby I wish all form3s can score full As!!God bless!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Camp is Near

This Saturday will be the KRS training camp. We have been so busy for several weeks just to prepare for the camp.

As a leader of a patrol, we need to prepare and make banners, flags, nametags, totempo and plan some gathering items. Besides, we need to train for marching competition which will be held during camp. After several of patrol corners, we are ready for it.=)

So today was the audition for our presentation during camp. We need to choose 2 items out of sketch,song and dance. I chose song and dance. Our performances are not that well but we managed to pass.

This noon, marching team members were punished to run 2 rounds of field under the hot sun.Why??The attendance of yesterday practice was dreadful, 12 came out of 30.XD However, during we were running, those from Kadet Pertahanan Awam, our big rival, sitting in a crowd and watched us with fingers pointing here and there. Memang Tak Ada Moral mia!BOOO sama dia!!!!!

Next you'll see them watching us grab away the champion of Annual School Marching Competition.Hiak Hiak Hiak.wakakaka. That all we can say is just sorry.Hrng.

By the way there are rumours say this sunday PMR result will be coming out. ARGHHH!!!SO FAST!!!It was like yesterday I just finished PMR!!Now I am so jealous with my cousin,they finished their SPM d. -___________-

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

ONLINE AGAIN - after a week didn't

Wow,it is great to get back the feeling of touching the keyboard and stare at the monitor...

Sorry for not updating this blog, I really have no time to connect to the web, there are so many things and stuffs for me to complete since training camp is a week away, and most of my time is stolen by marching training.

MARCHING!!!It hurts, hurt my knees and causes my skin to burn.

MARCHING!!!It's tough, to stay under the sun and keep your head 45 degrees up.

MARCHING!!!It's lame, continue to do the same movement for several hours and make it as a routine.

For marching I just have 3 days free a week. And the 3 days left are occupied with other activities.

HAIZ ... ... HAIZ ... ... HAIZ ... ...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Year after I shifted back to Penang

Yesterday was the day that I came bec for a year,or more precisely on 29th of November -___-

Time does fly.It's just happened so fast. Time escaped from my hand before I can grab them. Calendar turned month by month.Soon enough will be Christmas.Then, we will celebrate New Year again. 2 years later will be the end of the world (according to a movie which is so hot recently).

The feeling and experience when I was in BU4 is like so far from me now... is so much different with the hectic life here.

I have adapted the living style and environment here like everytime I move to a new place. Friends here, people here, teachers here and society. They are all different from there besides having the same two ears,two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Like every year end holidays since 2006, I will be on the moveXD

From Penang to Johor to PJ and to Penang, this year I will be moving to a new house.hahaa~

I lose the chance to move out of state, so I move to a new house instead. =]

What's my new address?You can go around the neighbourhood and knock the doors one by one.

Isn't too early for Christmas?

Merry Christmas then!