Monday, 30 January 2012

Underworld : Awakening

Underworld! The first 18 PL movie we watched in GSC LEGALLY!

We will never forget the day, which proved that we're adults once again.

I was already in Lunar New Year ( my dad said saying Chinese New Year is a little bit racist.) holiday mood on that friday, you know when you start to work you will thirst more for holidays to reach by crossing out dates on the calendar ever than during your schooling days.

Pokok was back to drive us out again!! It was so excited, not because of we were going out again, but we were going out like a family. Sitting inside Pokok's Citra you will have that feeling. His car is large and comfy enough to fit 7 persons. We need not to reach a destination by separate cars. The most amazing thing was even though I kept making noise, Pokok could still brought us there safely. Haha.

UNDERWORLD : AWAKENING is a significant movie to me because finally we can enjoy the thrill of an above 18 movie without fear. Let the officers go up and down to check for 'intruders', we are not afraid to show our identity card anymore. Do you still remember a month ago what happened there at the entrance of GSC?15 of us were blocked and chased. 

That friday, when we entered the ticket check point, all of us felt excited. Before that we would be nervous to pass through it, we acted like an adult, we were afraid of being called to show IC. But now on that day, we just headed to it without any plans and strategies, no more what a guy pairs with a girl to act like a couple or any nonsense. We were even hoping that they would check our ICs, we clutched our ICs in hands and ready to 'show hand'. We slowed down our paces, waiting them to call us. However, they seemed like not going to check. Hmm, quite disappointed. At last, they requested our ICs! Yeah! We gladly showed them! In our hearts we thought : " Want to see ah, nahh, see until you're syok!"

Somehow they knew our thoughts, returning us the cards and said " Wahh, baru lapan belas ah." with a grin.

This experience was fantastic! You will enjoy that moment one day if you are still under 18. Be patient. Then you will miss the days when you need to break in like robbing a bank.

Okay~enough adventures. Let's talk about the movie.

In fact I don't like scary and horror movies. If not the sake of 18 PL, I will not risk my heart to be stopped one or two second. Lucikly it was not a ghost movie, or else I would close my eyes until the movie ended. It was just a little bit , er, bloody. Anyway I still could bear it. All I did was picturing myself as a surgeon, I am trained to see all these bloody scenes.

But it was really really bloody. The way they kill, I advise you to choose alternative ways if you want to murder someone one day. Haha.Firstly, you need not to shock yourself with the opened wounds and bones.

I never watch the prequels before. The good part of it was I could still catch up with the story line. It's all about humans, vampires and werewolves again. The war between these creatures in Underworld was far exciting than the Twilight Saga. The way the vampires fight with the Lycans, wow, was much more watchable and cool than how they fight in Breaking Dawn. There were a lot of actions, unlike mere pushing and yelling in Breaking Dawn.

One common thing I found from 2 movies was, all vampires seem to have the same jumping high and fast motion super power. Perharps this is the typical characteristic of a vampire? Just like they are afraid of sunlight and drink blood to sustain life? On the other hand, werewolves are not quite the same. The werewolves in both movies need not to wait until full moon to transform.

Anticipating Resident Evil and G.I. Joe this year!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

18 PL

Thud thud.Finally I am 18! I need not to worry about being caught by those officers in GSC when we watch above 18 movies again! Yeah! I am considered an adult! Facebook introduced me some new privacy settings for adults. This means I have to bear responsibilities, I am not a child anymore. I know it is very hard for me, but this is the rite of passage which I have to go through, I will not fear, I will not be afraid.

27th of January 2012!! A wonderful day. I shall not forget the 24 hours of the day.

Last year we did crazy things, we KRS group celebrated in the school compound. We built up fire and had a BBQ illegally. Haha.

This year! Something even crazier, I called it insanely great!

I don't know where to begin the story. I am afraid my english will ruin the grand surprise they intended to give. From the photos on Facebook you can see.

It was really a surprise for me. Haha. I heard that you all wanted to disappoint me by having a small celebration only. Perharps you all always hear that I keep on stressing on my birthday. In fact I am only joking all the time. I really don't expect such big celebration. But without you all taking it seriously I would not have such amazing birthday!haha.

I only expect to have a meal with you all and that's all. So the watermelon with candle and lunch at Kun Thai had done the job. I was not disappointed lah. You all didn't forget my birthday and willing to spend time with me, I really appreciate that. You see, not everyone is willing to show up or perharps they have their own events.

Fish said I am too hard to be fooled. Well, indeed yes. hahaha. I am too sensitive to the changes of surroundings, just like Rou Yi said I am very sensitive to the camera shots. It is just a matter to continue to find out what's wrong or let the plans go on. XP However, even though I sensed something wrong, but you all made an effort to distract me from it.

I was wondering why suddenly Neri asked Rou Yi to go to the kitchen.

I was wondering why you all shouted when Jing entered the kitchen.

I decided to take a look but Rou Yi and Wen Nee kept on talking to me.

I was wondering why Neri, Jing and Fish just disappeared from Teacher's car during the second round. Yan Fen said that's something wrong in Jing's house, so teacher dropped her off. But why Neri and Fish jumped off the car too? Yan Fen stopped me from asking more questions by saying I can't accept they didn't say goodbye. Ya, why they didn't call up and say something? I wanted to give one of them a call to show some concern, but I was afraid they would shoot me again.

So I shifted the attack to teacher. I asked her why they were. She answered they had some stuff to do. I continued to ask where she dropped them. And guess what, teacher answered : " I DON'T KNOW!"

You don't know where you drop them? Wow. Haha. I knew that was something else happening. However, I laughed it off, lazy to care about it.

You all were preparing the watermelon in the kitchen. You all were doing cards in J's house.

Ohya, thank you very much for your underwear too!!I will wear it everyday without washing it until next year!yeah!!

You all really planned hard for this, especially Neri, stealing my dad's number from the beginning. And you all were willing to take the risk too!!That I will by personality try hard to find out what's going on and you know I am ego enough to not to be fooled. Haha.I guess its because of that small celebration, it camouflaged your big surprise.As I said I thought we would have a meal and just like that.

And the last event of the day was Karaoke at Rou Yi's house. Fish ah, those amazing videos just upload to your blog enough la. Actually Facebook also can lah. I don't mind.=)




Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I Love Hong Kong 2012


2012 会不会像2011那样充满回忆、艰辛和冒险?可能会吧,不,一定会,绝不让这三百多个日子白白平淡从十指间溜走。平平淡淡,从来没有和我有过交集。我个人比较喜欢轰轰烈烈,干什么都一样,搞得很夸张。就像那天柔仪大姐说的一样,低调从来不和我画上等号。这样的我,你是不会了解的,但你说不了解不代表不喜欢。我觉得没有不喜欢也不意味着喜欢。








享受了另一番浪费车油的乐趣,我们十点在自动城(auto city )的寿司王吃宵夜吧。

三个男人饭后一起绕着小市走呀走,聊呀聊,感觉还不赖。XD 我们还在太阳路购物商场内的一处坐在地上谈心事呢。


这一回这么“早” 回到家,妈妈没有说什么,其实也得到了她的恩准,只不过被外婆念了三天三夜而已。

Thursday, 19 January 2012


你  别来无恙。






说到到海边看日落,少芬姐说什么到班台不屑(Pantai Bersih)去?啊,我的童年是那里的夕阳和海风陪我度过的呀。那里的太阳总是躲到光大的背后。





阿里:Guna kad?

我 :Tidak, guna cash. (sorry,no card.)

阿里:Nak berapa?

我:10 cukup la.

阿里:Ok,wahh, dalam kereta semua Ah Moi ah.

我:Tidaklah, semua kawan sahaja.(我不知道为什么我酱讲,好像有点答非所问耶)

阿里:Pergi Penang ke?

我:Tak adalah, lari-lari di sini saja.(walao A 十块钱的油能到槟城咩)




Happy Birthday Khai Cheat!

我 还在努力。

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Opening Ceremony of St. Joseph @ Gurney Paragon

I will tell you about Qnet next time, but I wonder it worths to be here or not. My left leg was in, but I used my right leg to jump out of it. Haha. Next time, if I still remember, will tell you the story.

All of you often go to Gurney Plaza, I am pretty sure of it. Have you ever noticed some years ago, probably you were still young and just like monkeys, there are some old buildings along the Gurney drive beside the Plaza? I have totally no impression.

There was a church with the name Saint Joseph. I think the building is under the supervision of UNESCO heritage, that's why when they built Gurney Paragon the building is preserved.

I love Gurney Plaza, I think I will vote her as the best shopping mall in Penang if there is such ranking. =)

However, I feel like I started to love Gurney Paragon, she is younger and prettier, haha, giving you a different feeling. The cheapest condominiums at Gurney Paragon cost RM2.4 million. WOW! Nevermind, I will try my best to own one since I like to gaze at the sea.

Okay, why there isn't anybody asks me why on earth I attended the opening ceremony of St. Joseph at Gurney Paragon?


My brother and his partner's  company had been invited to the event. The two young directors were given a chance to demo their products there. So his partner's girl friend and I went to help unofficially and were proud to be the first unofficially workers.

They used our Flux chairs from Holland as the VVIP seats on the stage.

Nah, this one. Want to have a try? Visit my house ba.

I really thank my brother for giving me such a chance to attend the event. It was not because I can see Mr Lim Guan Eng in person, but I was in the midst of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. The event was very class. In fact, I learnt many things and my mind was further broaden ( Open big eye border ). The way they communicate, the way to present your products, the place was splendid. This experience is memorable.

Yeah, one day I will be an entrepreneur, one day I will be one of them. XD

This event is a start.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Airport - Go Positive

WOW, first time I saw the new Penang airport. The last time I went to airport they were still renovating the building. I would say it's a nice handsome piece of work.=)

Goodbye Leong Jia Jung and Leong Jia Siang. We know each other since year 2001. Erm, how many years already ya? Hold on, I go press calculator see. 2012 - 2011 = 11. 11 years!!

We are not that close, but at least we were classmates. I thought twice should I go to the airport with Jun Xian and Tze Xiuan. I went.

Airports - People fly in and off. Friends and families who are at the arrival section can't hide their eagerness to meet their love ones. On the other side the daparture section is engulfed with sad and cloudy mood. But it does not neccessarily to be like that.

Okay. Don't worry, I am not going to say how will I miss the twins. To be frank I have no such feelings. We are not that close. We had no much topics to chat, I just kept throwing french fries into my mouth at McD. They are unusual pair of twins, with weird characters and weird ways of doing things. Haha. The reason I post this is not to elaborate my feelings towards them upon flying off the Florida nor badmouth them. It's about seeing some event with another point of view.

They're considered lucky to have the chance to go overseas and start a new life. If now were 2011 and before, I would sigh and lament that I don't have such opportunities. Er, plus a little bit of jealousy.

But now is 2012, the same earth, the same Penang, the same event, the same me but with a different mindset. I can feel I am changing, and this feeling is insanely great ( Steve Jobs loved this phrase ) ! After so many storms in my life over the 5 years, so much pain and those adversities I had gone through, I doubted did I grow? Now I can say it firmly, I am growing.

I started to have so-called positive mental attitude. Everyone is talking about thinking positively, every book teaches how. However, do you really know how it works? To me it works like this : When you meet something bad or something devastating, of cause you will feel discouraged and sad. You'd try to think positively, but failed. Over time, you will start to neglect it, you will feel nothing about it, it is like you get numb with it. You will just keep quiet and don't care, don't feel sad and don't feel good either. I call this transition period. Haha. When you are in this stage, press on, you are almost there. Okay, keep implanting positive thinkings, some time later you'll find yourself thinking the opposite of the problem. You will start to realize you will automatically think the bright side of the problem, not to comfort yourself, but you are confronting it and you carry the hope. That's it.

I am still practising, not that strong yet. But I know I can bear more pressure and stress. =)

You take your plane and you fly off, good luck I wish you. I have my own path and I am taking it alone. I don't have the chance given but I can create one myself. I used to find a companion to walk along with me, perharps I don't want to be alone. But I realize no one can't stick to me where ever I go, we have different goals and directions, I need to be totally independant.

No one is going to cut off my right arm if I don't go to USA. No one is going to take away my bicycle if I don't go for A levels. No one is going to put me in jail if I don't succeed ( But I will be the winner of my life ). XD


Another thing I saw was, how the twins treated Jun Xian. I am always proud to say that I am walao A si pek deng kind. I am mild and my boiling point is quite low. You know what, I think Teh Jun Xian has no boiling point. They treated him more like a servant than a good friend. I was totally dumbfounded when I saw how they talked to him. They were leaving, Jun Xian was like a housekeeper and Ahmad, he was assigned with jobs like sending this book to who, top-up phone money, collecting books fees from the library, do this and do that. I noticed this outrageous phenomenon a day before, Jia Siang ordered Jun Xian to take his bag from his car when Yan Fen arrived. 

Argh, don't worry my friends, I will help you to do the chores listed above too, but I will give you a slap and bang your head to the wall if you say it in a harsh way. I have no image, you can laugh at me as you wish, but please, I am a human being with dignity.

Maybe this is their way of interaction, or Jun Xian owes them RM100000000000000. Who knows? XD.

PS : Jia Jung kept calling GIRLS to say good bye and asking them what they want from USA. I thought he just called one girl. My sister told me he called her friends too. =0    GUYS, do you receive any calls from them? XP

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Attention to all my faithful friends and readers!

Argh~Recently I received many complaints about my blog.Haha. Perharps the word complaints is a little bit strong. Okay, comments I should say - my posts are freaking lengthy!!

In fact, I constantly receive such comments.

Well, don't worry, I am not grumbling or what, there is absolutely no right or wrong on this matter. Through the book " Whatever you think, think the opposite" I learnt that there is no good or bad decisions and perharps opinions too. I am trying to practise "Judge less, accept more".


I am not giving in. XD I will still type a long long post, with the opening, content and conclusion paragraphs, the stereotype essay format. To me it's is my style of blogging, in spite of practising the usage of the languages, it's a full desription of my view towards an issue or an event.

Some say they feel lazy to scan through lines by lines, words by words. They prefer short posts with pictures and photos. I know reading is quite tiring sometimes especially from a screen. You have your reason and I am perfectly alright with it. I do respect your opinions, my friends. However, I feel that I am not going to that style yet, I won't say never.XP I am quite stuborn, remember?Haha. And I won't lose myself. I believe some may enjoy reading it.


Since I respect your opinions, and I don't want any of you miss out my interesting life ( Maybe, haha ) , I come out with a win - win solution. I will try to insert some pictures related to my ideas, and I will bold and underline and highlight and enlarge the summary. Okay with that?XD So you can just scan through with a glance!And for your information, there is a rating bar below the post, do rate it.=) Thank you. Any feedbacks and suggestions please don't hesitate to type a comment. Yeah. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

P.S. I did try to make it more formal like a notice. X)

十八 - 花样年华

Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Darkest Hour

Argh! Red FM keeps on promoting this movie. " Aliens from elsewhere invaded Russia and attacked humans, 5 survivors ......." When you listen to the advertisement you will absolutely be attracted to enter the cinema for the movie, their tricks succeeded then.

I watched it with Zhen Jie and Seok Hui last year's last week. Zhen Jie highly recommended it that time because according to him newspapers were giving nice and positive introduction on it. So we went in.

Okay, this is what I reacted : I really wanted to walk out after 5 minutes.

Do you remember the movie Skyline in 2010? Ya, the same type.

Aliens from elsewhere conquered earth for the minerals. The movie didn't tell where the aliens were from, they just dropped from the sky and just like that. Everyone's screaming and running for lives. Then the remnants were trying to fight back. The end of the movie was they knew many survivors in other places were starting to counter-attack the aliens. And it's not scary either.


I don't like it. It does not satisfy my curiosity ( plus good explanation ) towards the origin of the aliens and the conclusion.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This is the movie clip's trailer I mentioned that day, I am in it!YEAH!

Seriously I think this clip is very brilliant, hope the movie will be good also.XD And my face will appear more!HAHA. You will definitely recognize me with my signature mountain-spiky-hair!

 By the way, Neri's selfvideo is so cute!!Like acting a drama or what weih. It's so much different from the way you talk to us kay! I must admit you speak too fast in your accent and I hardly catch what you are saying.Haha. But at last I got it lah.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Day at Work

Many of you have started working or studying. Congratulation to you if you make it to college! I want to study too!Ya I almost get into Inti to study HSC but, no.Haha.

Tomorrow school is going to start, I can't bear seeing my sister in uniform and school bag to return to school. How I wish I can go back, to meet up with you guys everyday, doing nonsense and pranks, joking about everything. We still can hang out, but not on a day to day basis like we had in school right? It's okay, although I can't have a proper education at least in 3 months time, I can start home-schooling myself.XD I will do a lot of reading, touching every subject every topic to fill up my brain. Borders is the first place I want to conquer, with Starbucks of course. Yeah!

Okay, let's talk about what actually happened during my first day at work after 3 years. I tried to look some part-time jobs in Sunway, but then my mum offered me to teach at her kindergarten as a Chinese teacher. Okay then, it's just half day, I can do my own stuff in the afternoon. However, I take it as helping her, not hoping to get the pay. She is my mum man and I am sure she won't scold me.Haha.

I reached there with my mum at 7am. My time is from 9am to 12am. I continued to read my Steve Jobs until the kids were ready. I taught 4-year-old kids first. First day of school, what would you usually do in class? Self introduction and getting to know each other. 

I asked one of the kids :" What is your name?" 

She stared at me with innocent eyes. After a few attempts, I was fed up.

I asked the next one the same question :" What is your name?"

" Name!" She repeated with a broad smile. Argh.

I asked the third one, which I knew his name.

"Are you Firaz?"

" NO." He didn't bother to look at me. Perharps, this is humour?


It's so hard to control them. I really admire my mum having such tolerance, not patience. Firaz loves to teach others how to play a toy. He tries to be a teacher. He can be a leader someday.

Then I changed period to teach elder kids. They were more disciplined and organized. I gave them Chinese spelling to recall their last year's lessons. One of the girls kept shooking her head saying "I don't know I don't know!" Even you had taught her, she still refused to learn. Then she drew a square and told me it's a circle (wow). I drew a circle and asked her what's that, she said it's a square (cool).

One of the girls is very clever. She wrote faster than others and started to laugh at people who were slower. She tried to be one step further than others, then other clever kids also wanted to follow her. The class turned into a turmoil.

One thing in common however, for the kids -  they love to colour.

I think I didn't give so much trouble to my teacher when I was at their age. Haha. They are horrible kids!

Hope tomorrow will be better! Yeah!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows

 Thumbs up!XD I watched this with friends right after we went Pantai Kerachut, with our smelly bodies full of the smell of salt from the sea and the salt we excreted. This is one of the nice movies I watched in 2011. It is like mission impossible in 20th century, although it talks about how a detective solves a case but it is more to accomplishing a mission impossible to me. In fact, there are many similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Mission Impossible 4 - Their enemies are trying to bomb the world, they travel from place to place too.

The movie is pretty exciting, from the beginning to the end, full of suspense and it takes away your breath. I love to watch movies which require you to think, not just a show feast for your eyes. This is it. You need to think fast if you want to catch up with the story line. Someone said it is boring but I totally disagree. I am ready to watch it a second time!

Holmes is a genius, no doubt about that, and every genius seems to have some mental defectiveness, they tend to act in a strange way, perharps that's why they are genius.Haha. The way Sherlock speaks, the way he behaves and the way he thinks.

Let me ask a question again, why are all the main characters so rich?

One thing that I admire him is his steadiness and calm when facing heart-breaking events. When he knows his lover is killed, he remains calm and he does not show any weak sign to his enemy. Ya, his face changed, but his thoughts are still sharp and clear. I learn that sometimes we must really put away our personal emotions for the greater good.=)

Dr. Watson, you will never suggest he is a doctor looking at this poster. Oh yea. Nowadays Hollywood has changed the stereotype image of the doctors huh.He is a doctor with exceptionally good fighting skills.XD A doctor need not be quiet and mature, its proven by Dr. Watson. He can fool around and have the courage to adventure too. If I am to become a doctor, I want to be one like him! Yeah.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Embrace 2012!


What a year we had, from the beginning to the end, it's full of hardship and joy. We spent our 17, and now we are considered 18. We fought the SPM war last year, yet there are more tough wars ahead waiting for us. We are separated physically, but we both know we will never forget each other.XD

Today is the first day of 2012, a fresh new year. No point zooming back to the past, let bygones be bygones.=) I wish to take this chance to apologize to those I ever hurt, whacked, scolded etc. If I accidentally made you jealous by talking to your crush ( HA HA HA HA), or I pranked you too much ( YEAH ), sorry and I will be careful next time but you need to be careful also because I will continue to prank you. XD Everyday is Aprilfool to me!

Let us look foward to 2012!

What are your new year wishes?

As I said in the previous post I was afraid of the coming 2012, but then I decided to adjust myself to embrace it. Leaving all the negative thoughts behind. Sometimes all you need to do is to change your point of view, and you will feel better.

To me, 2012 is still covered by fog, I can't see clearly what is on my way and my target. Many of you have signed up courses, but my future is still a big question mark. You can consider me a failure because I still don't know which field should I enter.Engineering?(by the way Shao Fen Jie says I have an engineer-look.XD) Medicine?Or any other possibilities?However, I know I will get on the road one day. Paul Arden in "Whatever you think, think the opposite" says :"DO IT, THEN FIX IT AS YOU GO.Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it.Instead of waiting for perfection,run with what you've got,and fix it as you go." ya, this is it. What are you waiting for? The best chance?The best climate?The best person?So if I ever make a decision on education, stop commenting, I do appreciate your concerns, but there is no absolute right or wrong decisions, every option has it's pros and cons, agree?

The next thing I want to challenge myself is, GET OVER THE PAST. I am a optimistic person, ya I am. But I kept looking back. I could just sit and think about yesterday for the entire afternoon. I love to joke, but you will be amazed sometimes I will emo too. So I make up my mind to be really happy, stop thinking about the bad things, grab the time to live life to the fullest!I don't want to waste my time and energy to bother what others think. I will be neutral too, accept everyone's behaviour, whether it is good or bad. You must realize everyone has his or her weaknesses, just close one eye and don't criticize,( Don't learn it up too. ) don't make yourself suffer. I must really practise "Be There", which means be 100 percent in what you are doing at the time. Spend the time with quality, if not you will regret again.Thank you Neri for confiscating my phone last night. Haha.

Overall my new year wishes are have a happy family, a fullest life,a new target and your heart etc. XD maybe.