Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Tourist

Watched The Tourist on 30th of December @ Queensbay Mall.

Actually this movie caught my attention when I watched the trailer. Angelina Jolie with Jonny Depp.XD This 2 movie stars on the same stage,exciting!

The story talks about a lover of a british guy who cheated millions dollars of a gangster. She is targeted because both the gangster and the police are sure she will find and meet him somewhere. She met an american tourist on a train and from that point the adventure starts.=)

The ending is surprising and unexpectedly.Haha.Watch yourself ba.Overall my comment on this movie is nice.Worth watching. =)

Going Grandma's house for lunch now...byebye.




We are form5 students now, although still not the eldest students at school, but considered old and mature.haha.

Embracing 2011,Embracing Dreams.SPM Full A+, A Commitment.

I consider this as my theme of the year.XD

My vision and goals of year 2011 are :

1) Surrender and commit my life unto Lord Jesus Christ and let him rule sovereign in my heart.

2) Strive hard and well prepared for SPM, not neglecting my cocurriculum life.

3) Transform into a more mature person at the aspects of thinking and behaviour.

4) Have a great improvement in leadership at current position.

5) Have superior communications and interactions with people around.

6) Lead a healthy life style and stay physically strong.

7) Forget the past and embrace the future.

yo~I hope can reach my targets and live a prosperous year.

I am now planning my events and schedule for 2011,including daily routine like when's going to toilet to peep.XD Maximasing the usage of time and minimising wastage of energy.


I should have a long term strategy to conquer the field of examinations.Hence, I will import advance weapons and machines for this purpose.hahahaha.

As for relationships, hehe, continue to partner with Jingxue.XD Put aside love and complicated relationships for next few years to fulfill my dreams. I have no time for activities like that which are time and energy consuming. Many stuff should give way for SPM. :P
As for enemy and strife maker, just ignore them ba.