Monday, 6 October 2008

Joke from jeffrey. lol

Jeffrey told me a joke in school today. It goes like that.

Jeffrey's father: Jeffrey, help me send a sms to my friend to cancel my appointment with him tml.

Jeffrey grab his father's phone and type: My father is sick, so tml's appointment cancel, sry. Very sry.

The next day, jeffrey's father punya friend called. Jeffrey's father answered. Then his friend ask: So how's your father?

Jeffrey's father: Passed away long time ago.

Hahaha. funny leh.

After listening to this joke, i found out that Jeffrey is quite stupid.

Anyway, koperasi stinks !! Soo Mei and Derick cleaned up the so called vomit in koperasi. Lol. Actually is the ice cream melt d. Then the others just standing away from the 'vomit'.

Puan Lee is back !!

Posted by Yan yi.