Thursday, 31 July 2008

Hari Koko.

Wahh, seriously this blog like rust d. No one post anything although there is 3 blogger. XD.

Today is Hari Koko. There is MARCHING !! KRS marching rocks !! Lots of 'creative' movement

in it. XD. Pengakap marching was ok. But KRS is still better. Then there is lots of demo today.

Karate, Shao Lin Gor Chor (XD), Taekwondo and SHINOBI. Best one is Shinobi la. Smoke Bomb

is so nice. Too bad the ingredient in it cant fly. If not, we can use it to escape from bad people.

And their demo like too violent but fake also. Haha. Some people say its like a drama. Haha.

Ketchup or real blood wor ? Find out yourself lo.

So now i announce to the pengerusi, Jeffrey Lee : I'm going back to Shinobi next year to kena

belasah. And to sensei: The basketball guy is back. Haha. Hei zel and xinhui say tat they are

joining Shinobi next year. Haha. See u two next year.

Today, matthew teach me the prinsips of being a musketeerz. He flooded almost the whole

conversation with the prinsips. Rukun Negara also not tat long. Haha. The 'prinsip conversation'

is very long, so i'm not posting it out. XD


Oh wait. i juz remember sumthing. Do the Soo Yin- *blow your own hair*