Monday, 29 November 2010


yeah~finally I am going to visit Yan Yi by tomorrow!!Fufilling the promise last year I gave him.hahax.

I am so excited now.Don't know why having such overwhelming feelings,like last time I had when I was returining to Penang during holidays. Or I have now see Petaling Jaya as my hometown?erm,perharps not.I think the sole reason is I have so many best friends there and I left many memorable memories there.haha~

Although I will be staying there for 4 days, I will try my best to live fullest in the 4 days. No more nolstagia. It's time to renew my memory and instil stronger friendship.XD

Just like the top selling book I have read FISH!For Life, the 4 ingredients of FISH!Philosophy are Play, Make Their Day, Be There, Choose Your Attitude, I must truly apply in my life. =)

Play- I certainly not lacking this.haha~I am always having fun and playful.

Make Their Day - I think I pass this too.yeah.I just have the natural desire to make one laugh and enlighten their day. Sometimes offended them accidentally too =(.

Be there- er, yea, it's time for me to get out of memoriam and living in the present. I go back not to remind myself how I once lived there,but to have great fellowship with my dear dear friends. Jeffrey said to me when I left 2 years ago : Life goes on. yeah~never look back. Over means over, save the energy of looking back and live in the present time. You can't walk on when your head is turning back right?Forget and let go. Erm, not to offend, but I dedicate this to Sui Jing. =) Come on girl, don't live in the past. I know it maybe hard for you, but believe it, I can do it, why not you?Someone just don't deserve your daily dreams and thoughts. I hope I am not too harsh. S-M-I-L-E XD

Choose my attitude - this level I am still work hard on it. Sometimes I don't have the right attitude to carry out my daily lives. Maybe you may not even think about this. Believe me, if you literally tell yourself to maintain a good mood & be positive once you open your eyes in the morning, you will know the difference. There will no boring moments anymore. hahax.

(Joshua, told you I could be a great philosopher if I were borned some 3000 years ago.)


yeah~Bandar Utama,rich Yan Yi new residence, I AM COMING to shake it down into debris.


Friday, 26 November 2010

What A Day!Outing with Wen Qi

Wen Qi and I (2010)
I was like wearing cool specs lol!XD
The lucky voucher we got.X)

This afternoon I went Queensbay to meet Wen Qi. Ha!!You bluff me that you can't see me on next week cause you are going to Taiwan. But I check my programme there with Yan Yi and he told me the first event is having steamboat dinner with you...

Just joking~Coming all the way up north to Penang, I sure will give face and turn up one.XD

I couldn't sleep well these days, woke up at 4am.Maybe the effect cause by studying too late during exams.Trying hard to slumber off, kept dreaming funny things, you kept appearing.
Started working with my fellow GS members to clean up the damn store room. It's a massive project. We shifted all the things out and put it on a class first, clean & paint the wall, shift them back neatly. It's a 2 days

Felt so sorry for my dear members, I need to left them by 12pm. Jump on my dad's car, had chicken rice in car and changed shirt. Aboard ferry at 12.35pm, reached Penang at 1pm. All Rapid to Queensbay didn't allow me to alight the buses. So I waited until 1.20pm and the bus started off at 1.35pm. I knew I would be late Wen Qi.haha~Sorry for letting your gastric juice corrode your stomach epithelial wall.But it was not my fault too, it's your gastric juice.XD

Wen Qi was so hungry, we just simply went in "Taiwan Bull" for good. We chat a lot there huh. OMG, I just happened to discover how much Penang am I. Those Penang slang and words, 'teh diao','mai leh' I must translate into 'zha dou','what the hell' so that you could understand me. Next week I'm going back KL to meet you all, I think it will occur communication problem.haha~be my translator ba Wen Qi, since you say you are half Penangite.

However, I have one thing to laugh at Wen Qi, she asked me to teach her tali .I was thinking what on earth is that?You mean syilling? Actually she was refering to Ikatan which means knotting.hahahaha~This one sure laugh die Jingxue. Okay lah~different places, different people, different culture,different language.=]

Watched Unstoppable. Quite nice what. But I think it would be better if the scenes not just so focus on the trains and add more tragedies happened. =) I wonder why the truck Ned was driving wouldn't out of fuel. -_____-

After movie, we wanted to find a place to take photos. BORDERS was our first choice.XD We just put our camera on the rack and turn on timer mode. I found that the workers there were watching us curiously. They probably thought : what the hell are the couple doing??no other places to snap photos??hahahahaha.But they should feel proud cause we choose the place. =)

Er...opppss~rewind backward a bit.Before we went BORDERS, we went to Areoline to book my tickets to 1utama KL. Yan Yi urged Wen Qi far from KL to make sure I bought the tickets, still say will hold a welcoming back dinner for me wor.XD Feel so touched for having such friends like you, 2years we were apart from each other, but the friendship never gone,even deeper than before. I OWE YOU ALL!

Speaking of Areoline~whoa!!!It costs me RM120 to and fro. For ordinary tickets just RM90 only. If not Areoline will stop at 1utama,the place near Yan Yi's new residence, and so many bus accident these days, my mom won't let me, a young kiddy boy take such a high class bus.
Mind you!I say it first in the front : I'm not bragging about I can sit business class coach to BU or not. I just merely want to share with you my feelings and experiences.XD Accept you may continue, Decline please leave this page. haha~

When I went to the counter to purchase tickets. It was like purchasing a flight ticket.XD So class.haha~ After choosing seat, ask me my name and phone number. I was required to sign my name on the tickets after the tickets were printed neh~The tickets are put inside an envelope.

Each tickets got 2 complimentary luggage stickers for me to prevent luggage mistaking. I thought this type of service only taking flight got?=)

There are meals provided during the journey.XD wahahah~like taking a flight hor?Areoline is a double decker bus, the upper decker is for passengers, the lower decker is sort of cafe according to Wen Qi. :)

ok lah~ dun elaborate some more, later ppl say me sampat...

The tickets are in this envelope.

My tickets!!erm, I should call it, boarding pass.haha~Can you see my beautiful full of art signature?XD

Another story started :

Wen Qi left me at 6.00pm, I managed to catch a bus at 6.20pm and started long journey back to Weld Quay. The bus was stuck in sluggish traffic for an hour plus. After 45 mins long I kept my mouth shut, I couldn't stand anymore. The foreign tourist behind me also couldn't bear boring situation. He first expressed his feelings to the girls behind him, murmuring about the traffic. The girls were from Sarawak according to their conversations.

I really truly couldn't bear any longer, I must move my lips.

I joined the conversation.XD

Well well well, I chat a lot with him for 15 mins. He is an Aussie from Gold Coast. Gigantic, a lot of beard and seems like at his mid-fifties.He told me how the teenagers there like my age are drinking,taking drugs, ecstacy pills in Gold Coast. He was here last August for 2 days and determined to return here for his birthday which falls on 23rd of November. He will be staying here until before Christmas.

I asked him where he stays. Jalan Machalister.

I started to act like a tour guide and introduce him food and places (Ng Yen Yen hired me to do so.hahaha).

Matt: Do you try the food here?How do you find it?

He: yeah~These days I had buffet in my hotel.Very nice.

Matt: -_____________-"

Maybe this is so called sense of humour...

Matt: I mean local famous food.

He: oh~there are many food stalls around the area and I think I'll try it tonight.

I was so amaze I could understand him cause you know their slang and tone and pronunciation. I can imagine Neri is dealing with them everyday.haha~good job! He pronounce the word 'hour' differently,I would like to ask Neri how it is.hehe.

I was suprized he could understand my partial broken English too, although once a time he needed to think for a few seconds. The puzzlement on his face embarrassed me...

What a day was today!!XD

Ohya~the malays kept glaring at me as we chat.I wonder why...I can see a face of hatred and annoyed...

I took 2 hours reach home.



Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pantai Kerachut!

*For more photos and illustrations please visit my facebook album, lazy to post it here again,we have so many.Your cooperation is highly appreciated.*XD

Yesterday we went to Pantai Kerachut for fun. At first Jingxue wanted to ask all form 4s KRS members to go,but sadly most of them went to Genting Highlands. So we asked others form 4 non KRS go. The thing we figured out was : the whole Chung Ling students have gone to Genting except us pity little guys was left behind. We asked form 3s instead, thanks goodness some of them are still here.XD

After asking and persuading for more people to join, the final list was 11 persons, 4 form4s and the rest are form3s. 5 boys and 6 girls. They are Jingxue, Matthew, Chun Yung, Seok Hui, Sie Chung, Jack Lee, Wei Xin, Xian Yuin, Xiao Yee, Soo Pheng and Mei Wen.

About 8am we gathered at Jetty. Ferry was the first transport we took in our journey. On the ferry, I gave them a briefing. Haiz~they didn't record it, what a waste, I thought of it for whole night dy. is roughly my speech : " Dear form3 members,you have the opportunity to join us in this trip, so lucky of u. I warned you ahead, this journey will be very exciting and extremely dangerous too. This activity required high self-disciplined ( they started to do funny expression), what I meant here is not addressing us as sir madame or following school rules, it's the spirit and the ability to do what is right plus safe and control yourself,capable to cope with tradegies and accidents:the determination to complete the tough journey.Here you are with us, I request absolute abide to our instructions and orders given, no objection,included to run and flee, to hide yourself, to keep yourself safe. Anything happened, we elders will sure protect you infront (WOW), that time please flee. Do not attempt to save us, run for your lives (Jingxue & Chun Yung please don't laugh.),go out of the bloody hell forest and search for external help. Help us to phoned our parents and tell them how much we love them (STOP laughing lah jingxue,serious business k.)... ..."

*clap*Clap* nice speech right.XD

We took Rapid 101 to Teluk Bahang, the northest place you can reach by vehicle in the Penang Island. The journey took us 1hour and we were so noisy all the way. We had taken most of the bus' best seats and put our stuff on the seats so others couldn't take it.haha~

After filling up our bags with provision and refreshment, we enter the National Park and officially started our adventure.2 hours walking man!! The path is so narrow and the steps are so highly apart from each other.We need to lift our legs high to reach another step. Imagine, half climbing half walking like that for 2 hours!

I think we were lucky cause no any assault from creatures nor man. The atmosphere in the forest was so eerie and damp. It isn't the scenery you watched in Harry Potter 7. Chung Yung and Sie Chung said they heard tiger roar. They were the guys walking at the back, but I didn't hear any funny sound.

We reached a small junction. Jingxue, our leader suggested us to turn in the right path to go to see waterfall and river. We all agreed and made a U-turn down another path. However, Jingxue said it were not be so far, we may getting lost. He and Chun Yung continued to explore further while we waited on the spot. Later, he phoned me to lead the team back to the junction because the waterfall was too far away and required extra energy.

We walked climbed walked climbed walk climbed climbed walked walked climbed and so on.

We encountered a signboard which stated : Pantai Kerachut 900m.

Yeah!!!900m more!! we were almost reach!After 10 mins,another signboard reads : Pantai Kerachut 100m, 5minit jalan.Whoa!we walked 800m in 10 mins time. Nevermind lah~we still have another 5mins!

walked climbed climbed walked walked climbed climbed walked walked climbed... ...

15 mins had passed and we haven't spot any sand scenery...


Finally we reached the beach!!The sea breeze had lifted up our spirit to high point. The coast was so beautiful!The beach was clean and pristine. We set up our tent to put our belongings inside. The first thing we did were to boil water at the kitchen there. We spread our food on the table and started swallowing up to our stomach content.

Jingxue and me scurried off to our mission impossible: fishing.

I brought 2 fishing rod along with me. We went to the jetty but even Jingxue, the pro in KRS can't fix the hook on the rod. We tried stupidly in front of the fishing pros...

You know what??The fish were so intelligent now,I think some of them got 8As in PMR or 10A+ in SPM.Some of them maybe graduated from Harvard University. Everytime we pulled up our hook, no fish attached to it but the bait had gone...

The girls were playing ball on the beach~they were so high and enjoyed themselves.At 2pm, Jingxue and I went back to our campsite to BBQ. A disastrous news struck us. Our bread and cup mee were stolen not by monkeys, but by the people close to our site. Seok Hui saw them holding it. Haiz~they want it??GIVE THEM BA!However the most sarcastic was that they brought woks and plates to cook on the spot, like holding a banquet there. Maybe they had everything except bread.

Jingxue and I continued to work hard on our mission. Our high spirit on fulfilling our task were so admirable and honoured. Jingxue said perharps there are no fish, so we moved to the rocks further away. The rocks were big and formed in many shapes. It was quite dangerous to climb on it.Again, with our borned fighting spirit we conquered them.XD haha~

As I was jumping from one rock to another and getting near to the shore, I thought the water was shallow,so I plunged my right leg in.Mama MIA!!It was a trap.My entire right leg was in the hole,my body formed at awkward position between the rocks. I stepped something hard on my foot. It's sea water ah!!!!

But I continued to fish despite my wounds were bleeding.XD haha...

I feared of any parasites or bacteria invade my body... this is the bad effect for studying too much biology.

Chun Yung summoned us back because we needed to get in the boat before low tide. As we were walking back along the beach,we saw three little fish, Jingxue suggested to take it as our capture. So I picked it up and show them. They don't believe yea cause the little fish were really too tiny. They all in one course condemned me for doing so, they said this lame and stupid action sure was my idea... T.T Jingxue was the one who asked me to do so one believe me...

Hiak Hiak Hiak~

We were on the journey back by the boat finally. During the ride, I kept shoot and peli by the handsome boat driver. You can heard it from the video, he kept scolding me for pointing the wrong direction.haha~the boat ride was full of jokes and fun.

Ah,we should spend one night day~in the pristine and quiet area, far away from mankind destruction. We were able to relax and listen to our innermost at such place. It's a holiday nice spot, why should we go overseas?(Pn Ng Yen Yen requested me to add this line.)


Monday, 22 November 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

This is the second day of penang bridge run. The side effects of over contracting my muscles started to show up. Hardly walk today...

By the way yesterday was a great experience. Running under such harsh weather was good.hahax~We reached there by 6pm, watched a movie until 12am. We came out from Queensbay and slept on big rocks at the beaches.Damn hard rocks man!!Part of my injuries are cause by improper sleeping position.We moved in a big tent later on and it started to rain haevily about 4am.

And I'm half deaf by now, after Sui Jing shouted so loudly to me, part of it is caused by her ki siao looks and fear of her.muahahaha~a photo can cause her to become like that~scared scared lol.

So the holidays started~dunno why feel like it will gone fast like usual~this will be our last term holidays since our primary and secondary education.Next year we will having SPM dy. As I am thinking how to live a meaningful holidays, the time passes like water flows towards the east.

Argh~hope the plans I have in mind won't fail to carry out.XD

Here I wish all of you happy holidayz!!

Wait... wait... Forgot something...

We watched it. I ranked it as the lousiest movie I ever watched. Wasted money and time!I was so pissed off once I stepped out the cinema. The whole movie is absolutely meaningless. It started off with Aliens coming down to catch and take human brains. The main character together with his girl friend running for lives and fighting for survival. The movie shows how they tried every method and possible ways.At last?They were sucked up by the UFO too.
It's okay for me if it ends with he and his girl friend finally escaped and live happily ever since. Maybe the director is trying to get off this boring ending, but not in such a way lah.
The movie ends with after his brain was taken out and implant to another alien,he still has his emotion and remembered his girl friend. He tried to destroy the UFO and save his girl friend. That's all.
You see!?
Totally meaningless~it never tells why the aliens come?What are the aliens??Why choose earth??It also never say why the main character will go to LA.Halfway they got help from the air force and military.That's mean other places no aliens, just LA got. The massive UFO was bombed deadly but it can repair by itself.
Totally sucks man.
And sure will have Skyline 2, maybe continue how he destroys the big UFO to protect his girl friend. zzz .

Friday, 19 November 2010

Last day of school 2010


We reached school with tonnes of books to return...our class is at the top level...

Today's atmosphere was very different,seems like no farewell mood, everyone was laughing and joking~perharps nowadays farewell must be happy?

What really throw a pail of cold water to our escatic high mood was some of the results were out...

What the hell~teacher ar, since when you all become so high efficiency??

Today whole day I was shouting, the class is too noisy~I really dunno how to describe today's school situation~everyone release their exam pressure today~like bursting volcano,earthquake.

And I just cant control my mouth to stop moving...bla bla bla bla

After recess,it's photo session.Everyone brought out their Phones and camera to snap photos and videos!!

Now the class had gone beyond control. A group here a group there. Who was snapping who nobody noes. Everyone was like fearing can't see each other anymore.hahaha~

haiz~really can't fully describe the situation laaahhh~too profound to convert into words!!Hope you were there!!!!!

Sui Jing, sorry for dissapoint you cause you told me to describe it in details, but my language is truly sucks and beyond that.Sorry worrr......let the scenes ebbed forever in your mind ba~


Thursday, 18 November 2010


What a suffering exam week.It is gone now.XD

I average slept 6 hours each day just to pass the exam, just pass only ar,not A, and don't say get 100.

Anyway, it is over now. As usual after exam, I am like living without soul, no target, lost direction, don't no how to make use of the extra time I have. Somemore this time I have 8 weeks to spend.hahaha~


Really don't have any holidays plan yet. Before exams, this thing I want to do during holidays, that thing I want to complete during holidays;however I wonder after school reopen they are still there, untouch at all. =.=

I think this holiday will be an exciting one. The first event for every year-end holidays is Penang Bridge Run. We will go earlier on that day to watch HARRY POTTER!!yeah!yeahhh!!!yeahhhh!!!!!

I watched the trailer dy~super damn nice!!yeahhhh yyyeeaahhhh!!!But Wei Qi is watching it now as I am typing =( bring me along....

Then Narnia will roll out on December. A lot of big hits yeah.XD

But Transformer 3 will only come out on May next year.

Tomorrow still need to go to school to return textbooks. Since it is the last day of this school year, I am ready to do something significant and memorable.muuahahhhhhh~watch out guys,matt is mad.wahhhahahahaha~

This exam period really make me crazy, don't believe you can ask those who were sitting at the back. Four of us, wei qi, Sui Jing, Zhen Jie and me were joking and fooling around every moment, as others were burying their heads in books. I think we made a lot of noise and disturbed some ppl.hahaha~sorry lor, who say exam cannot joke. Saya ada Hak untuk joke.

ohya~my dear 4sA1 friends!!!Hope can see you next year in 5-S-A-1!!!!